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California Trip | Day 4

We took things a little bit easier today, and didn't head unto the city until lunch time. We started the day at Tartine Bakery. We got the Spicy Turkey sandwich and a tart and headed over to Alamo Square, where we ate our food. All of it was super yummy. From Alamo Square you can see the Painted Ladies, which I loved. They are gorgeous.  Plus, I think I have seen every episode of Full House ever made, so this was right up my alley.

After the Painted Ladies, we went through Haight Ashbury and over to Twin Peaks. We were hoping for a great view but it was way foggy and we couldn't see a thing. It was still fun though.

After Twin Peaks we headed to the Golden Gate Bridge. As we were driving there, the whole bridge was in the fog, but as we started walking across it, the fog went away. I thought that was fun. Anyway, I loved the bridge. I thought it was really beautiful, and the view from there, of the city, was fantastic.

After the Bridge we headed over to Outer Richmond and had dinner at the Shanghai Dumpling King, then we called it a day!


  1. I will always think of Full House, when I see the Painted Ladies, always. :)

  2. girl, you are making me home sick for ca! :)

  3. girl, you are making me home sick for ca! :)

  4. I love that last picture of the bridge, so pretty!


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