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California Trip | Day 5

On our last day in California, we toured Alcatraz. I was so excited for this our whole trip, and it was worth the wait. We couldn't decide if it was weird or not that we celebrated our anniversary by going to a prison...but either way, we loved it. We took a boat out to the island, and then listened to an audio tour as we walked around the old prison. Jordan said that his favorite part was the fact that everyone was listening to the audio tour, so when you took the headphones off, there was no talking, just shuffling footsteps - which made it kind of sinister, given the location. I think my favorite part was the decorated cells. I loved seeing what they would have looked like, when it was a working jail.

We had a great time. After Alcatraz we headed back to the Ferry building to grab some food for the road the next day, then we checked in to our hotel. We had the best view from our room! From our hotel we wandered through town over to Little Italy for dinner. We had some great food and an overall great day.

And that concludes our wonderful Summer vacation. We loved San Francisco (as well as all of the parts of California that we visited) and can't wait to go back again someday. Thanks for the recommendations and tips you gave us here. They were so helpful!


  1. I really want to go see Alcatraz. Love your hotel view! Gorgeous!

  2. I really like the picture of the flats that makes the houses look skewed. Very cool.


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