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Just a quick update...


1. Well folks, we are home from our vacations (sadly), recovered (thankfully), and back to the grind. I have started my student teaching and am thoroughly loving it so far. All I'm doing for the time being is observing, but I think I'm really going to like being a teacher.

2. The only hard part about Student Teaching so far is how early I have to wake up (and I know I will have to continue waking up this early if I am a teacher). I have to be at school by 7, which means I have to leave the house in the 6 o'clock hour, which I do not like.

3. Tomorrow is Jordan's last day at his internship. It has been a great job for him and we're very thankful that he was able to get some good experience this summer.

4. As I am typing this we are watching the cougars march onto the field. I had a hint of sadness that I wasn't there. This is the first time I have felt weird for not being in Provo. I have been too busy to really miss it but now that I'm just sitting here watching the game on TV, I can feel it.

5. I forgot to mention a funny thing that happened to us while we were staying at the Lighthouse. When we were checking in, the lady at the front desk asked us where we were from. We mentioned that we were visiting from Utah, and she replied by saying that one of her co-workers was from Utah. Later that night we ventured back to the office and her co-worker "from Utah" was there. She pointed this out to us and he quickly told us that he was NOT from Utah, but that he considered that area home. He then said, "Well, I'm not from Utah but my youngest brother lives in Utah. He is the football coach of...umm...of, um...BYU? Bronco Mendenhall?" Kind of asking us if we had heard of him. We replied with things like, "Serious? That's so cool!" or "Really? We go/ went to BYU!" to which he said, "Yeah, whatever." HAHA. It was so funny, and quite the coincidence. We should have said, "Are you serious?! He's like a celebrity in Utah."

6. I filled out my graduation application today! It's getting REAL.

7. I forgot to mention that I was featured here. You should check out this site. I love their Best of the Web series.

8. We're excited for the long weekend. Do you have any fun plans? We don't, and could use some suggestions.

9. We need to buy a car. What kind of car do you have? Do you like it? How's the wear and tear? I think there's so much more you can learn from a personal recommendation/ experience than from facts and figures...

10. Have you ever seen this? It is ridiculous.


  1. i love that story about bronco's brother haha. so great.

    we have a nissan vera hatchback. i LOVE it. we've had a few careless drivers hit us and it just left scratches on the bumper or paint. the gas mileage is great. i think my favorite thing is that we have some sensory keys, so we can never lock ourselves out or a future baby in. also, as long as the key is in your pocket, the car senses it so you don't even have to physically put the key in to start. i also love having a hatchback, cause then you can fold the seats down and say, put a couple bikes in the back.

    ha. long post. sorry. go cougs!

  2. are you serious? He's even a celebrity in Georgia {where I'm from}. My brother wants to name his son Bronco. haha

    welcome back from your vacation!

    brooke elyse

    p.s- that website is SO ridiculous!

  3. I just got a new nissan sentra and I am totally in love with it! It is AMAZING! That being said, we just sold our mazda...worst car not buy one!

  4. I don't know what you're looking for. I currently have a CRV 03 and my mom has the CRV 07. We both love Honda and their reliability. One thing I would change is the color though, mine is a navy blue and all the scratches from people hitting my car with their doors are so obvious.

    I have my eyes on the Honda Fit as my next car. Beside Honda I'm also a fan of Toyota and Nissan. Ford is at the bottom of my list (unless it's a truck!)

  5. What grade/subject are you student teaching in? If you need any tips, let me know. (And yes, you will have to wake up that early pretty much always if you're going to do teaching full-time. I am SO not digging the whole getting-up-at-5:20-every-morning thing).

    So sorry to hear about your husband's friend who was killed. What a difficult thing to have to deal with--our prayers go out to his family and to you both.


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