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Jordan and I are going to San Francisco in a few weeks and I couldn't be more excited! We booked our trip to Alcatraz tonight, which I'm pretty thrilled about. I've never been to San Francisco before, and I need some help planning. Have any of you ever been before? Any places we shouldn't miss? Please give me some tips if you can! I'd love to hear about your favorite parts of that beautiful city!

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  1. So fun! I've always wanted to go! We'll go some day :) That will be such a cool trip.

  2. And I've heard Ghiradelli Square is a must-see, along with all the usual things like the Golden Gate Bridge.

  3. I've been bookmarking stuff for San Fran like crazy because we recently moved out here. Here are a couple of sites to check out:

    These guys just came out here with kids. Lots of eating tips.

    We're doing this City Pass soon. I think it looks like a great deal if you want to do Alcatraz plus other attractions: note it gives you unlimited cable car/muni too! I noticed that Alcatraz gets booked early (fyi).

    And browse through the SF Girl by Bay blog! She has regular posts on hot spots in the city.

    Have fun! Don't forget it's cold (60's through 80's) and foggy out here right now!

  4. Ohh girl, I love me some S.F. Grew up by it. Anyways, you need to see Union Square {shopping}, Pier 39, ghirardelli square, eat at Gott's Roadhouse {best cheeseburger ever!}, Oh and Golden Gate park is amazing and has tons to do there. There's a museum, and lots of things I havent seen! Google it! :)

    So jealous!!!

  5. Corina, I love all your posts! The collages of pictures are so fun! I have a technical "bloggy" question for you: How do you get all of your images to be so close together in a collage type format? When I post pics, they are spread apart from each other and I don't like the way they look. But I can't figure it out!

  6. You guys should grab pastries from Tartine and enjoy them in Dolores Park. You'll be coming in one of the most beautiful times of the year!

    I'm from the Bay Area, but last year my husband, his parents, and I rented electric bikes and rode across the Golden Gate. It was super toursity, but so fun and pretty easy. Plus, you can take the ferry back from Sausalito, with great views of Ghiradelli and the city scape.

    Be sure to ride a cable car!


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