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Wedding Recap


Our second wedding anniversary is in 3 days. I have posted wedding pictures on the blog but I haven't written up a post about our wedding day, and all of the work and planning that comes with a wedding. I decided it was about time I do this before I forget it all, and what better time than our anniversary. Read on for the details...

I designed my invitations with the help of our photographer. We had them printed at, which I think is one of the best kept wedding secrets. We got about 650 invitations (we only ordered 500, but we got a bunch of extra ones for free!) for about $60. I ordered the envelopes at, they have great prices as well, and a huge selection. I ordered the stamps at (you can browse through the various options here). I figured since it was going to cost 44 cents to mail these things no matter what I might as well use this as another way to customize our wedding for $0 extra. It was a bit of work because there were 7 stamps on every invitation, but it was worth it to me and I LOVED how they looked on the brown-paper-bag envelopes. We sent them out with the picture above on the left.

I loved my dress.  I bought it at Sweetheart Bridal in Provo. I loved the lace and beading.  I really liked the neckline, because it wasn't exactly rounded or square. I had ribbons added to tie a bow in the front. There were buttons all the way up the back and a slight train, with a bustle.

I wore white high heels part of the day, particularly at the temple, and then I switched to pink scandals at the reception.  I thought that they would be more comfortable for lots of standing, plus then I would match my bridesmaids!

All of the flowers were so pretty! I got them at Lehrer's Fresh Flowers, a wholesale flower store in Denver. I had so much fun picking out all of the different types and pretty colors of flowers that I wanted. A very nice friend and woman in our ward, Cheri, put together all of the bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. I loved how they turned out! They were absolutely gorgeous and I was so thankful for Cheri and her great talent. 

Jordan and I were married in the LDS Denver Temple. I love the Denver Temple. It was always my goal to be married there. It was a beautiful day and I'm so happy so many of our friends and family were able to be there to support us. I'm so happy that Jordan was able to take me to the temple to be married. We were sealed by a family friend, Mark Baer.


Jordan and I are both the oldest in our family, so this wedding was a first for both of our families. It was definitely an adventure. We were both so happy that we had so much love and support in our decision. Jordan's brother, Devan, was on his mission when we got married, so he wasn't able to attend and we missed him (we did sent him a groomsman tie and he wore it in Singapore the day of our wedding). We were also lucky to have so many of our friends and relatives come from out of town to support us. On a side note, it's crazy how much little boys can grow in 2 years. Dylan and Logan look tiny in these pictures. They aren't quite tiny anymore...

I was so lucky to have such good friends with me on my wedding day. All of these girls are so special to me, and I was glad that they were able to come to Colorado to support me. In the picture below, from left to right, my bridesmaids were Melissa, Kara, Allison, Tara, and Sophia.

The light pick dresses are from eShakti, which I would highly recommend, if in the search for a bridesmaid dress, or any dress for that matter.  There are great customization options on this site, including neckline, sleeve length, knee length...etc, and just about every color dress imaginable. The dark pink dresses are from Target. Last minute I wanted to get matching sandals for everyone, and I just happened to be at Walmart when I had this thought, so I checked the shoes and they had the perfect ones, and for the perfect price, $10/piece. Score!

Jordan has great friends.  Most of them have known each other their whole lives. In the picture below, from left to right, his groomsmen were Landan (Jordan's brother), Jared, Bear, Chase, Kevin, Matt, and Austan (Jordan's brother).

Totally unplanned, all of the boys who wore watches, wore Nixon watches. They really must be friends after all, since they seem to have the same taste. The boys' ties were from The Tie Bar.

I'm pretty sure that everyone thought I was psycho about the decorations (and I probably was) but I loved how it turned out. Among my favorite decorations were the paper lanterns. There were probably a hundred or so, pink, red, orange, and white, and any other color that we had that matched.  I loved how they made the room look. Another one of my favorite decorations was the clothes line pictures.  We set up 4 or 5 posts and strung twine between them in 4 rows. We hung baby pictures and pictures from our childhood, as well as pictures of us together, and engagement pictures on the twine with clothespins. I thought this was a fun way to display pictures without doing a wedding video.

We also gave away bags of rock candy with tags on them that had our name and the date. I loved the paper bags that we put the candy in.  And of course the rock candy was our wedding colors.

I got the idea for the guestbook here. I used a Moleskin notebook and ordered tiny envelopes from (the same place I ordered the envelopes for our invitations). I glued the little envelopes in different arrangements in the notebook and had paper for people to write their names on as well as a little note if they wanted.

We had fantastic food at our reception.  I wanted to serve a bunch of different kinds of dessert.  So many people helped prepare the food and keep the food table stocked.  I think one of the favorites was the mini pies; key lime and chocolate, which my Aunt Shari made. Another one of my favorite parts was that my grandma let me use her pretty sandwich servers to serve the food.



My wonderful friend, Laura, made our wedding cake.  I absolutely LOVE how it turned out.  Laura is Wonder Woman. Basically I just drew her a picture and she made it happen.



I got the idea for my centerpieces from a blog called Weddings and Cookies (see here). We collected branches for about an hour, gathering enough to fill up about two trashcans. We brought them home and laid them out on our back porch and spray painted them white. I had previously punched out and made hundreds of paper flowers, which we hot glued to the white branches after they dried. We put the branches in all different styles of glass vases filled with sand. Also on the table we put a pot with pens. When people got to the reception they were given a little tag on a Popsicle stick, on this tag they wrote us advise and left them in the pot. It was so fun to go through and read all of the advise after the wedding. Along with the vase and the flower pot there was a mason jar with pink candy canes. My uncle worked at a candy factory, so we were able to get the perfect color of pink candy canes.



We bought my ring at Sierra West and Jordan's tungsten ring at (it was a fantastic deal, check them out if you're in the market).  We spent our honeymoon in Cancun.

There were so many people who lovingly helped us make our special day perfect. We were so thankful for the love and support! 


  1. great pictures, great ideas, great looking couple!! Congratulations on yours 2nd anniversary. How fun!


    brooke elyse

  2. you wedding was gorgeous. and i love how you recapped it. perfect.

  3. i loved this post! i love looking back at other people's weddings. happy two years!

  4. These pictures brought back lots of beautiful memories. Congrats on 2 years of bliss. Love you both.

  5. Your wedding was gorgeous!!!
    Love all the little details.

  6. I love reading little wedding details. And congrats on almost two years - wow! You're a pro :)

  7. What an awesome post--I'm seriously impressed by all of your creative talent. For my wedding, I just tried to do as little as possible, lol.

    Happy 2nd Anniversary!

  8. So fun, if we weren't on OUR honeymoon when you got married we would have come! haha. I love that pic of you guys on the steps with the white railing, your dress looks so pretty!

  9. Awww it all looks so lovely! What a special day :) You are beautiful!!!

  10. Happy two years! I love everything about this wedding, your reception looks amazing! So glad you two are happy :)

  11. in love with your wedding - you're the cutest. you looked absolutely radiant! and your cake is so fun :)

  12. there are so many things I love about this. First, I love you dress, you look stunning. What a beautiful bride. Next, I love the colors you chose and the bridesmaids dresses--- really classy and not too "bridesmaids"ish looking. well done. I love the photos on the clothespins, and LOVE LOVE LOVE your cake! Looks like you had a beautiful day, and a great photographer to capture every last detail :)


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