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Scofield Fishing


Yesterday we woke up at 5AM and headed out to Scofield Reservoir for some fishing with Bear and Laura and Chase and Elle. We had a great time, caught some big fish, and enjoyed the beautiful fall colors around the reservoir and on the drive.

I think I have gone fishing more this year than all other years in my life combined. It is definitely the year of fishing (see here, here, here, here, and here and that's not even all of them...). Good thing I like being outside and that fishing is pretty relaxing. If I don't have to touch the bait or the fish, I'm all for it. Plus Jordan loves it and I love him. Win, win.

Second Day of Fall


Jordan and I went on a drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon this afternoon. It was so beautiful up there! I loved the pretty leaves so I snapped a few pictures and wanted to share them with you. Enjoy!

First Day of Fall

same spot, different season...

In my Digital Media class this week, we talked about Color Theory. We talked about the color wheel, basic color schemes, and what each colors means. The students knew what all of the colors meant, except orange. Orange signifies change and creativity. When I think of orange I think of Fall, which is the season of change. Fall is the perfect transition between Summer and Winter. Can you imagine what it would be like if we went straight from Summer to Winter? Yikes! I'm happy that we have Fall. Not much else to say today. Happy first day of Fall!

Exciting Things

In addition to Jordan's birthday, we have had a few other exciting things happen recently. These exciting things have been a long time coming, and probably (hopefully) wont happen again for a while. They were both totally new experiences for both of us, and boy are we glad they happened!

The first exciting thing is that Jordan has...

Earlier this month Jordan started his first, real, grown-up job! With insurance, and a salary and everything! We couldn't be any happier! At the end of April, Jordan started an internship, which was only supposed to last until August or September. It was great experience for him, but we were always a little bit nervous about what would happen when that ended, especially since I would just be starting my student teaching (a time where I'm not allowed to work). Luckily we didn't have to worry too much, because Jordan's last day at his internship was August 30th and his first day at his new job was September 4th. It couldn't have worked out any better. (Things were a little bit stressful when it came down to accepting the offer, but that is a story for another day.)

It's also exciting that Jordan is able to use his education in a way that he loves, and that all of those hours studying and working hard paid off. I'm so thankful that Jordan was able to find a job, especially since not all graduates these days are able to get a job right away. We feel really lucky and blessed.

It is so strange to finally know where we will be for (at least) the next 5 years. It hasn't been like this ever. I will admit that it was really hard for me to accept the fact that we will be in Utah for a while, but I know that this will be good for us and that Utah has lots of pretty places, and nice people, and family close, so it's ok. I know it will be good for us.

The second exciting thing is that we...

That's right, we got a new car! After a few weeks of trying to get me to school (in South Jordan) by 7 and home at 3, and Jordan to work (in Salt Lake) at 8 and home by 5, we decided it was time to become a 2 car family. We have always been just fine with 1 car and loved that we could always make that work for us, but those days are no longer.

It wasn't brand new, but new to us. It's a 2009 Honda Civic with a little less than 30,000 miles on it and we love it. And I'm actually the lucky one who gets to drive it. My commute is shorter than Jordan's and we would rather put the miles on our older car, than on the new one.

Things are going well. We are happy and healthy and taken care of, in more than one way. This is just one of those times where I can step back and take a look at my life and realize how blessed I am, and how things happen for a reason.

Jordan's Birthday Weekend


Yesterday was Jordan's birthday - the big 26. We started his birthday weekend with some camping in the Uintas, one of Jordan's favorite places. We had a great time with our good friends, Matt and Lauren. We left Friday after work and headed up to Lake Washington, where we camped. We had corn on the cob and tinfoil dinners with peach cobbler for dinner. It was pretty frigid that night so we tried to eat lots of calories so we'd stay warm :)

In the morning the boys got up and went fishing, while Lauren and I stayed and made breakfast. We made cowboy breakfast and ate it with tortillas, the perfect breakfast burrito. After breakfast we packed up and headed to Trial Lake for some more fishing. The boys caught 10 fish on Saturday! It was just about the most successful camping trip in the history of the world.

After Trial Lake we headed to Oakley (after a quick stop at the Provo River Falls) where we had lunch at Road Island Diner. We drove past this diner on the way to the Uintas and we knew we had to stop there on our way back. It was definitely a fun time. Besides the fun history (this diner was driven across the United States, the whole diner) and the jukeboxes, my favorite part was "The Ultimate Pig Trough," which we ate in record time.

After the diner, showers, and a nap we ended the night watching the disappointing BYU vs. Utah game. We were pretty bummed but we didn't let it get us down (we've had practice with losing this game mid-birthday weekend, see last year).

Sunday night we had a little birthday party with family, complete with all of Jordan's favorites: Chicken Pot and Apple Pie (separately). It was a pie night. Yesterday, unfortunately we had school and work (darn!) so we couldn't celebrate all day, but after school and work we headed to Benihana for dinner (my personal favorite way to celebrate). We had our first ever girl chef which was fun (she's the 2nd woman to work as a chef in all of Benihana), who happened to be from Honduras, which was a fun coincidence. After dinner we wandered around City Creek as well as Gateway. Later that night we came home and opened presents.

Overall, I think it was a pretty successful birthday weekend, but we'll have to ask Jordan to make sure! I'm so lucky to have Jordan in my life and I love having an extra special reason to celebrate what a great person he is.

Camera Obscura


This week in my Photography class we turned our classroom into a camera, or rather a camera obscura. A camera is a light-tight box with a hole. The hole lets light, that has reflected off of an object, into the box. Since light can only travel in a straight line, the image that appears inside the light-tight box appears upside-down. Our cameras then take the light, or the image that is let in, and captures it with a sensor, or with film.

To make this happen inside a room, you need to seal off any light that could enter. You need to block all of the windows, and turn off all of the lights. After this has been done, make a small opening on the window (the smaller the hole, the sharper the image), and the view outside will appear on the opposite wall, upside-down.

There is one photographer, who I have recently come across, who is really talented at making camera obsucras, and he makes them in the coolest places. His name is Abelardo Morell, here are a few examples of his work:

Ours wasn't nearly as impressive as his, but it was still an amazing sight. There are huge windows in our classroom so we covered them in black plastic, covered the window on the door to our room, covered up the emergency light (don't worry we were all safe, there were no emergencies), and the exit lights. In the plastic on the window we cut a hole. Here is what we could see looking out of the hole:

When we first showed the students, there was a four inch hole cut in the plastic. Because it was such a big hole, the image wasn't super sharp, but it did allow a lot of light in so you could see it on the walls of the classroom.

Then we showed them what it looked like with a small hole; a much sharper image. We had each of them come close to the hole and look, while holding up a piece of paper. I took this picture while we had a sheet set up:

If you compare this picture to the view out of the pinhole, you can see what was being projected into the room. I really like how you can see the colors, the red cars really stand out, and I like how if you look closely you can tell that there is a blue sky and green leaves. I love that there was a beautiful tree right outside the window, so we had something interesting to project.

I can now say that I have been INSIDE of a camera!


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