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Jordan's Birthday Weekend


Yesterday was Jordan's birthday - the big 26. We started his birthday weekend with some camping in the Uintas, one of Jordan's favorite places. We had a great time with our good friends, Matt and Lauren. We left Friday after work and headed up to Lake Washington, where we camped. We had corn on the cob and tinfoil dinners with peach cobbler for dinner. It was pretty frigid that night so we tried to eat lots of calories so we'd stay warm :)

In the morning the boys got up and went fishing, while Lauren and I stayed and made breakfast. We made cowboy breakfast and ate it with tortillas, the perfect breakfast burrito. After breakfast we packed up and headed to Trial Lake for some more fishing. The boys caught 10 fish on Saturday! It was just about the most successful camping trip in the history of the world.

After Trial Lake we headed to Oakley (after a quick stop at the Provo River Falls) where we had lunch at Road Island Diner. We drove past this diner on the way to the Uintas and we knew we had to stop there on our way back. It was definitely a fun time. Besides the fun history (this diner was driven across the United States, the whole diner) and the jukeboxes, my favorite part was "The Ultimate Pig Trough," which we ate in record time.

After the diner, showers, and a nap we ended the night watching the disappointing BYU vs. Utah game. We were pretty bummed but we didn't let it get us down (we've had practice with losing this game mid-birthday weekend, see last year).

Sunday night we had a little birthday party with family, complete with all of Jordan's favorites: Chicken Pot and Apple Pie (separately). It was a pie night. Yesterday, unfortunately we had school and work (darn!) so we couldn't celebrate all day, but after school and work we headed to Benihana for dinner (my personal favorite way to celebrate). We had our first ever girl chef which was fun (she's the 2nd woman to work as a chef in all of Benihana), who happened to be from Honduras, which was a fun coincidence. After dinner we wandered around City Creek as well as Gateway. Later that night we came home and opened presents.

Overall, I think it was a pretty successful birthday weekend, but we'll have to ask Jordan to make sure! I'm so lucky to have Jordan in my life and I love having an extra special reason to celebrate what a great person he is.


  1. Thanks Corina for posting all your activities on your blog. It is so fun to read about and see all the things you are doing. I love you both and am so glad you are happy.


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