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Michael Robert Workman


Last Thursday (August 22) we received news that one of Jordan's life-long best friends had been killed.

Jordan met Mike when he was 3 years old. They lived only two houses away from each other and were best friends. They walked to school together for 10 years. Jordan calculated that they walked at least 1000 miles, to and from school together. Mike played a big role in Jordan's life. Jordan has even told me that he credits all of his good friendships to Mike. They played basketball, together they were Michael (&) Jordan, and they thought that was the coolest thing. They did scouts together, and went on countless camping and hiking trips. They went to elementary, middle, and high school together.

Mike and Jordan's lives eventually got busier but that didn't mean that they weren't still important to each other. Jordan would often tell me stories about Mike, or think of things he would want to do with him.

Yesterday was an emotional day. Jordan spoke at his funeral, and did a great job. He talked about the countless holes they dug to China, and how they were cops, pirates, and cowboys. He talked about how he knows that he is a better person because he knew Mike. He also talked about how he is thankful for his knowledge of the gospel, because he knows that Mike will be waiting to play on the Elm Ridge Road on the other side.

We'll miss you Mike. Thanks for being such a good friend to Jordan.
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