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Scofield Fishing


Yesterday we woke up at 5AM and headed out to Scofield Reservoir for some fishing with Bear and Laura and Chase and Elle. We had a great time, caught some big fish, and enjoyed the beautiful fall colors around the reservoir and on the drive.

I think I have gone fishing more this year than all other years in my life combined. It is definitely the year of fishing (see here, here, here, here, and here and that's not even all of them...). Good thing I like being outside and that fishing is pretty relaxing. If I don't have to touch the bait or the fish, I'm all for it. Plus Jordan loves it and I love him. Win, win.


  1. hahaha i was actually talking to someone last night about how the only thing that i dont like about fishing is like anything to do with the fish. so if i dont have to touch or look at the fish, i'm ok with it. haha


  2. haha! the first time i went fishing was with my husband and i made him touch all the fish stuff too. love the pictures!


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