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Good Weekend


We had a great weekend. On Friday night, we had a fun little date. We went to Olive Garden and then watched The Avengers. Saturday morning we woke up and headed down to Provo to have some blue pancakes, to watch the Homecoming Parade, and have J Dawgs for lunch with our good friends, Devin and Claire. After that we did a few other things, including, watching the game, take some senior pictures (in the beautiful fall colors), play with my cute friend Gabriel and watch my most favorite movie of all time, The Help. Oh and we bought plane tickets to HAWAII!

Overall, I'm not sure this weekend could have been any better. One of the best in a while. How was your weekend?


  1. oooh Hawaii?! y'all did have a great weekend. haha


    p.s- love those pictures.... ahhhh fall is my favorite!!

  2. Hawaii sounds like so much fun right about now. Which island are you going too?


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