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  1. I am really going to have to try stephen's carmel apple cider! Sounds so good! We're braving the weather and coming to Salt Lake for thanksgiving, hopefully it doesn't snow (us desert kids don't know how to drive in the snow!)

  2. It's ok that you don't like pumpkin. Because I don't like pie. And I have been on a cruise, it was a hot one, and it was great. BUT if Steven and I ever go on one, we want to go on a cold one. I'm not much of a hot weather person.

  3. ok, i love stpehens hot chocolate.
    i love bahts, but i would never let my body touch our bath if my life depended upon it, nasty.
    i graduate in april, seems forever away.
    i hate pumpkin things as well, i was just thinking about that, like i love fall and pumpkins, but i dont like pumpkin flavored stuff. friends :)
    also, never been on a cruise, it seems weird
    and same, thinking about the holidays, dont want to figure it out.


  4. I'm not the biggest fan of pumpkin either. But you can still make APPLE pie! Yum! Or a bazillion other kinds, right?

  5. I want a teapot! I also don't like pumpkin pie. Come to think of it, the only think pumpkin I REALLY like is pumpkin chocolate chip bread - prob because it doesn't have the pumpkin texture.

  6. I like the way that you share your recent updates. Congrats on your impending graduation! Also, rhubarb is still in season if you'd like a very yummy and unique pie.

  7. We can still be friends. LOL. I agree Holiday planning is too much!

  8. You'll have to let me know how you like changing over to the middle school. I thought I would hate teaching at the middle school level, but I've really loved it so far. And if you ever need any good tips, I've already learned a few :)


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