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Student Teaching Reflections


After two months at the High School level, I have now moved to Middle School. High School was great. I was at Bingham and I loved it. I loved my mentor teachers and I loved the kids there. I didn't think I would be as attached to the students as I was, I was sad to leave them. It was one of those situations where just when I got the hang of things I was finished. Isn't that how life always seems to be?

So far Middle School has been an adventure. For example, yesterday the above computer fell off the desk and the screen cracked. $1500 computer. Middle School students are for sure more rambunctious, than high school students. Some of my classes are just off the wall, but I do have to give them some credit, they don't play on their cell phones nearly as much as high schoolers.

So far I'm still just getting used to things. I definitely don't love it yet, but hopefully I will soon. I think the best part so far, is that I get to sleep an extra 30-45 minutes every morning. My school is closer and it starts later. And I can't forget to mention that I don't have school tomorrow or Friday. It's only 2 days off, but any days off school, I will be grateful for.

Any advice for this Middle School novice? Please send good vibes my way! Only 33 school days left of student teaching until I will have my degree. I CAN DO THIS!  


  1. I'm just happy that someone like you is willing to go into teaching! The hope that one of my children could have a teacher like you makes me so, so happy and optimistic.

    Good luck with middle school! I think it's such a tough age. They just want to be taken seriously.

  2. You definitely can do it! I totally can relate, not only because I student taught at a middle school, but because I also now teach at a middle school (it's pretty great when you actually start getting PAID for teaching, you know?!)

    My advice:
    *Look for the funny things that happen every day. Some days those funny things are what get me through some pretty stuff.
    *Since students (esp middle school students) aren't always so good at giving you positive feedback, look for validation in other ways--an improved test score, an "Ah ha!" moment in a student, or in a "This is fun!" comment.
    *Make it a goal to ask at least one student each day about how they're doing in their life--not only does this help build trust, but it will often give you some of the validation that makes teaching a little easier to deal with
    *Don't get too hung up on the bad stuff (because you'll always encounter it)--the way I deal with the negativity is that I've made a goal to not bring any schoolwork home. That way, when I'm home, I can really BE home (and not worrying so much about what the next day will bring).

    Above all, hang in there! You're a great teacher doing great things, and you WILL get through this!

  3. Oh Corina--You have always been able to cope with hard things. That's what life is all about. Sometimes our attitude can make the difference. You will be an extraordinary teacher and this will give you experience that you need. I love you and know you will handle this new situation in the best possible way. Grandma

  4. You should bring them candy every day, and let them have a whole class of naptime. I am very sure you would be their very favorite teacher.

  5. You CAN do this!! Just remember with middle schoolers- they're trying to figure a lot of things out. I always appreciated a teacher genuinely cared about me. My favorite quote about teaching: "Kids don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

    Have a great short school week!

    brooke elyse

  6. I teach 8th grade Language Arts. My best advice would be to choose your battles and have fun! Middle schoolers are ridiculous and endearing, and they feed off your attitude. Walk in each day with a positive attitude and a laid back attitude, and you will have a great time!


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