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That one time we almost moved to Seattle...


A few days before we went to Alturas, Jordan was offered two jobs; one in Salt Lake and one in Seattle. He ended up accepting the job in Salt Lake, as you know, but here are a few parts of that story that I don't want to forget.

This story started on Pioneer Day, when Jordan went to Seattle to interview for a job. It was a really quick trip and once he got home we started waiting patiently, keeping our fingers crossed that we would be able to move to Seattle and start a new adventure there. Meanwhile, Jordan had also interviewed for a company in Salt Lake, where  he was extended an offer. When this happened, he called the Seattle company and told them that he had received an offer from another company, and that he had to let them know very soon. Seattle told him that they were also going to give him an offer, and that he should watch for it in his email. We were so excited!

Once we had both offers in hand, we started thinking and praying about what we thought would be the best choice for our family. I really wanted to go to Seattle, but I hated the idea of spending 4 months apart (since I would have to stay in Utah until December to finish my student teaching, and his job would start in September), and on top of that, there were a lot of details that would be pretty difficult to work out. That didn't matter though, because I loved the idea of a new adventure and a totally new place. Jordan didn't mind either way, both jobs would have been good for him, and he is very much a go with the flow kind of a guy.

We had to decide the day we were going to Alturas, so we decided that we wanted to make the call right before we left.

The night before, we decided Seattle. We were moving to Seattle! We had talked it through and were excited about the job. We were nervous, but we knew that sometimes life isn't easy and this seemed like the fun choice. We kept saying things like, "We should be able to make the fun choice every once in a while. We always make the safe choice, but this time we want the fun one." We woke up the next morning, and made sure that we were all ready to go camping, and then called the Salt Lake company to tell them that we were declining the offer. However, there was no answer.

We hopped in the car and started driving up to Idaho. On the drive, our thought process completely changed. We decided that Utah would definitely be the easier (and better) choice. We wouldn't have to figure out housing somewhere we weren't familiar with, we wouldn't have to figure out how to move all our stuff, we wouldn't have to figure out our one car situation, and although the offer was slightly higher in Seattle, we technically wouldn't be making as much money because the cost of living is so much higher in Seattle. And on top of that, it is a 20 hour drive to Colorado and I wouldn't be able to see my family very often.

At one of our stops along the way to Alturas, we called the Salt Lake company again, this time to tell them we were accepting the offer. It felt so much better. We instantly knew it was the better decision. I wasn't so nervous or worried about all of the details we would have to work out and we wouldn't have to be apart for 4 months.

Have you ever made a decision like that? Where you instantly knew it was the right or wrong choice?

I'm so glad Jordan's company didn't answer the phone that morning, when we called to decline the offer. It was definitely a tender mercy, and a slight reminder that we might want to reconsider our decision.

I've never been to Seattle, I know it's probably a great place, but I'm glad we didn't make that choice. Maybe, someday I'll go visit our almost home.


  1. Sometimes those last minute decisions are some of the best :)

  2. great talk- and I've definitely had those last minute decisions... it's incredible how quickly the feeling of peace sweeps over you as you make the 'right' decision.


    brooke elyse


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