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1. This picture is from Chalk the Walk a few weeks ago at school. I sort of wish we had rainbow sidewalks everywhere.

2. I'm ready for a haircut. Should I keep it long or cut it short? I honestly can't decide. Everyday I change my mind. I know I need a haircut  either way though.

3. How many emails are typically in your inbox? If mine gets above 50 I get frazzled. (Currently 78...)

4. Everyday at about 9:30 in the morning, I'm ready for a nap, that can't be a good sign.

5. Is October seriously almost over? Didn't it just start?

6. We caught two mice in our classroom this week. TWO. MICE. Yuck.

7. I have a fun Halloween costume idea in the works for Jordan and I, I hope it works out.

That's all for today. Happy Wednesday.


  1. I have been telling myself everyday to go get a haircut! haha I just can't find time or motivation to leave the house. Can't wait to see your costumes, we're going to be pretty low key this year.

  2. It would be awesome is all sidewalks were rainbow colored....I second this.


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