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Re-watchable Movies


Jordan doesn't really enjoy re-watching movies. If he has already seen it, even only once, he doesn't like watching it again. He likes the thrill of not knowing what is going to happen next. I am with him in that I enjoy watching new movies but I also don't mind re-watching certain movies. There are a few movies I have seen dozens of times and just don't seem to get tired of watching. I think these should be classified as favorites.

Last night we flipped on the TV and You've Got Mail was on. This started me thinking about the movies I can watch over and over. Here are some of those movies for me:

  1. You've Got Mail
  2. My Best Friend's Wedding
  3. Father of the Bride
  4. Ocean's Eleven
  5. Princess Bride
  6. The Shawshank Redemption (on TV only of course!)
  7. The Sandlot
  8. Groundhog Day
Most Disney movies also fall under this category for me. What are some of the movies you can watch over and over and never get tired of?


  1. These are great ones - I just saw Shawshank redemption (on my birthday, haha) and it was SO GOOD. Never seen groundhog day but mine are:
    While you were sleeping, Overboard, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, and we've seen Ides of March like 4 times but...I think I'm done. haha

  2. I watched Anne of Green Gables untold numbers of times growing up. :)

  3. Love these. Just add White Christmas, Little Mermaid and The Holiday!


  4. Man, my husband and I love rewatching movies. We've seen all of our movies probably dozens of times each. Pretty much any chick flick I'll rewatch over and over again, and I'm with ya on the Disney movies! The only movies that I don't really love watching outside of theaters are action movies--they just don't hold the same magic for me at home.

  5. My family hates re-watching movies. my husband's side LOVES it. I agree with the comment above though, really the only movies I don't like re-watching are action movies. They're so intense the first time you watch it and after that it's not the same. My favorites to re-watch are That Thing You Do!, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Hook, and Newsies.

  6. personally, I can never tire of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. cracks me up, every time.



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