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1. Leftover from the Homecoming Parade with Devin and Claire  2. Early voting (see below)  3. The Potato Heads (see below)  4. The Jazz game (see below)

Every October seems to bring with it routine and busy-ness (like October 2010, when I didn't take even one picture to document our lives, a.k.a the month that will forever be missing from our memories). This October seemed to come and go even faster than usual. Jordan and I are still plugging along. In other words, I don't have very much to report on, other than the following:

1. I voted a few weeks ago, the second day of early voting. No line, in and out. This was my first time actually going to vote, because last time, I voted absentee. I liked it.

2. The Saturday before Halloween we went to our ward Trunk or Treat and afterward to a party with friends, dressed as The Potato Heads. We had brown short-sleeve shirts with white long sleeves underneath, with lots of accessories. Jordan even had angry eyes. I liked it and thought it was fun.

3. On actual Halloween, Jordan and I went to the Jazz Game with our friends Kevin and Megan. We had a great time! The Jazz even won, which usually doesn't happen when we go to games. Plus, Jordan's dad gave us the tickets, even better! Happy Halloween to us!

4. I accidentally started listening to Christmas Music today. It really was an accident, I promise. My radio was still on the Sunday music station this morning when I got in the car to drive to school. Apparently that station started playing Christmas music 5 days ago (had I known this, I might have started 5 days sooner). I'm not entirely sure how long this will last for me, because I don't want to burn out, but today it sure made me happy.

Was your October as fast as ours? (And what? We're already a week into November?)

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  1. LOVE the potato head idea! I've been wondering when you were going to update - I know how busy October can be though! I hope student teaching is going well :)


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