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It's time for the annual recapping of my year. I love writing this post and I just realized this is the 5th Year In Review post I have written! I guess I have been blogging for a looooooong time. This year has definitely had it's low points, but there were also so many good parts. I'm glad that I have this little corner of the internet where I can reflect on the things I have done. Here's a little taste of my year:

Let's start at the very beginning...January. January came and brought with it a new semester (Jordan's very last), lots of crafts (gratitude journal, mosaic, keys, map, silver S), Jazz game with Matt and Lauren, we took  a skiing class which was really fun, we celebrated the Chinese New Year with Devin and Claire and we also had lots of fun game nights.

In February we celebrated Valentines Day with a date in Salt Lake ending with a Jazz game, my cousin Addie had a perfect baby, Gabriel, and we painted our table.

Looking back on March, I'm remembering how busy (and somewhat stressful) it was! We went ice fishing at Strawberry Reservoir, I took a quick trip to Long Beach for a conference with my major, we went to Spring Training in Arizona (Jordan's little brother Austan came along), and I practiced and practiced and practiced to give a presentation for the President's Leadership Council at BYU.

April was a big month! Jordan went to Houston for a job interview, we went to another Jazz Game (with Devin and Claire and Jared and Jessica), Claire helped me with a Sewing project, Jordan took a quick trip to Moab with Devin, Jordan graduated(!), and we moved to Sandy.

In May, I started a Spring Term class, while Jordan started his internship, we went camping, had a fun date night, and we went on a picnic for Memorial Day.

In June, I took a trip to Colorado with my aunt and cousin. We also ate a lot of hamburgers, as we started going to Drive-ins. This month we went to Dairy Delight in Tooele, Big Moe's in Price, and Uinta Drive-In in Kamas, where our car broke down and had to be towed home :(

July was also busy as we tried to make the most of Summer. We went to Colorado/ Wyoming for the 4th of July, with a stop in Moab on the way home (mostly so we could go to Milt's Stop and Eat, a Drive-in on our list). We spent a day in Manti with Matt and Lauren with a stop at Reed's Drive-in in Nephi. We also went to The Burger Bar in Roy. For Pioneer Day we went up to Silver Lake, and then Jordan went to Seattle for another job interview. I also finished my quilt.

August was probably my favorite month of the year! We did lots of fun things. We hiked up to Red Pine Lake, went camping at Alturas Lake for the Sorensen Family Reunion, and took a week long trip to California for our Summer vacation/ 2nd Anniversary trip. I also started my student teaching at the end of August (beginning at the High School).

In September we went on a picnic for Labor Day, Jordan lost a dear friend, Jordan started his new job(!), we bought a car, Jordan had a birthday, which we celebrated by going camping with Matt and Lauren, we enjoyed the Fall colors, and went fishing at Scofield with some friends.

October was a busy month. Jordan was busy working and I was busy student teaching. I moved from the High School to the Middle School, which proved to be an adventure. We were very excited when we found out I was pregnant (but kept it a secret for a few months) but as a result I started to get very sick all the time. For Halloween we dressed up as the Potato Heads. On Halloween we went to the Jazz Game with Kevin and Megan. (And I don't think I took my real camera out all month, which is why these are all iPhone pictures...sorry)

In November, I voted for the second time. Finished my last assignment ever, and my family came to Utah for Thanksgiving, which involved a quick trip to Moab/ Canyonlands.

Lastly December. Jordan and I made a special announcement, we took our annual trip to Salt Lake to see the lights at Temple Square. I finally graduated and also had a birthday, and of course there was Christmas!

I'm ready for 2013!

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