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Temple Square


Jordan and I took our annual trip to Temple Square last night to look at the beautiful lights. I have been to Temple Square to see the lights many, many times, but I told Jordan that last night was my favorite because I wasn't freezing the whole entire time. It was actually a decent temperature. We wandered around City Creek,  then around Temple Square and then back to City Creek. The luminaries are always my favorite part. I think they are so neat. Afterward we headed to Leatherby's. I had never been, and it did not disappoint. 


  1. those luminaries are so pretty! i've never even noticed them before but this year i'll make sure to look.

  2. Your pictures are so lovely :) This makes me want to go see the lights soon before it gets way too cold!

  3. YES! Leatherby's is our favorite, favorite place of all places! (They even catered our wedding). So glad you checked them out!

  4. I just posted very similar pictures :)
    Merry Christmas!
    Oh, Just Living the Dream


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