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My blog took the backseat for a while the last few months. I got incredibly busy with student teaching, but most importantly, I've been really sick.

This pregnancy thing has been really difficult. I know it's different for everyone, and for me being pregnant has meant, throwing-up daily for about 2 and a half months.

At the very beginning, I wasn't sick at all. I was just really tired. I would come home from school and need a 2 hour nap. Then about week 6, I started getting sick. Around week 7, I couldn't keep any food down, at all. One night was especially bad, when I spent the entire night throwing-up. I would wake up from a deep sleep and throw-up. In the morning, I felt horrible, the worst I have ever felt. So my loving mother-in-law took me to the E.R. for an I.V. because I was so dehydrated. Since then, I have had anti-nausea medicine, which has definitely helped, but still doesn't stop the throwing-up.

On top of the being sick ALL. THE. TIME., at the beginning of November I got bitten by a Black Widow Spider. Seriously, who gets bitten by a Black Widow? Oh of course, the sick, pregnant woman. When it rains, it pours, right?  Luckily it was just a "dry" bite, meaning I didn't get any of the venom, but you better believe it definitely freaked me out! Everyone says we're going to have a Spider-man baby, or if it's a boy that we should name it Peter Parker.

It has slowly started to get better as I am moving into the second trimester, but I still feel like I throw-up just about every night. It's always crazy to me when I talk to my friends, who are pregnant/ who have had babies, who say, oh I've only thrown-up 6 times, or oh I actually never threw up. Seriously? You are lucky, I hope you know.

We have had two doctor's appointments so far. At the first appointment, they verified that I was actually pregnant (and with only 1 baby), and gave me lots of information about being pregnant. They also did a small ultrasound and we got to "see" the heartbeat. The baby was so small at the first appointment (8 weeks), that I couldn't really tell what we were looking at on the ultrasound.

Last week, we went to our second appointment. It started with the nurse searching for the heartbeat for what felt like an eternity. Jordan said that the whole time she was searching, I had the most worried look on my face. But when she finally found it, a rush of emotions came over me. I couldn't believe that that heartbeat was coming from inside of me. It was so exciting. Then we got to look at our little baby on the ultrasound again, which was much better at 12 weeks than at 8. It actually looked like a baby! There was a cute little head and a big belly, with the legs out stretched. The doctor said it looked like the baby was lounging and relaxing. I told Jordan that I could have watched that ultrasound all day, BabyTV.

Well, now that you know way more about my throw-up situation than you probably ever wanted to know, and I have updated you on both of my doctor's appointments, I guess I will call this update finished.


  1. Hope you feel better and how exciting for you guys!

  2. I had the exact same problem my first two and half months! you should try Preggie Pop drops. you can order them off of baby's r us. they helped me a good deal and they actually taste great!

  3. hang in there! the first few months and the last few months are tough but it's all worth it!! i promise!!!!!!!! :) so excited for you guys! and ultrasounds are the best. thing. ever.


  4. I'm so sorry, you probably hate me! haha I can't imagine going through that - you're a tough cookie! I'm sure Jordan is such a great support.

    That first heartbeat and ultrasound was one of the best feelings of my life! I'm so happy for you :)

  5. Hope your feeling better love.
    That little face will be all worth it.

  6. Awe, I hope you feel better soon. It will all be worth it in the end, I'm sure! :)

  7. hope you feel a lot better! i'm so excited to read more baby updates! :)


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