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Fun Finds


Although the snow is occasionally beautiful, I'm almost over it. Here are a few things that have been brightening my snowy days:

-This fun animated Disney short (very worth the 6 and a half minutes, please watch!)
-An incredibly, interesting, and intriguing idea: Measuring the Universe
-Missed Connections, from craigslist, illustrated (please peruse the whole website!)
-Wish I was having a Valentine's Party so I could buy these, very fitting wouldn't you say?
-Love these posters, very funny
-Have you ever seen a more beautiful bike? (Of course the most beautiful bike is $6,000 and from Anthropologie)

Any fun links you've stumbled upon recently? I would love to see them. Happy Wednesday!

Last year, this girl sent out the cutest Valentines to her blog friends. I loved the idea and decided I wanted to try it this year. Who doesn't love getting mail? and a little bit of extra Valentine's love? If you would like to receive a little handmade Valentine's Day card from me, please email me your address!

SorensenCorina [at] gmail [dot] com

19 Weeks


I don't have very many pregnancy updates to share right now, just this picture and some general life updates.

Gabriel's accident happened last Friday. I don't believe, even for one second, that was only 6 days ago. It has been one of those situations where I'm not quite sure what is happening to time. Friday feels like an eternity ago, yet also only like yesterday. It's been one of those situations where I want life to slow down and speed up all at the same time. I don't have very much else to say about this, except that I'm so glad that I am a part of a loving, and supportive family, where we look out for each other and can come running when it is needed.

I read a quote this week from Martin Luther King Jr. and I have decided it fits well with how I feel about this situation: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness: Only light can do that." I need to stay positive and let the good in life drive out the bad.

Today is the first day since Friday, I'm not going to the hospital, and that is because it took Jordan 2 hours and 10 minutes to get to work this morning, a drive which usually only takes 25-30 minutes. The roads are sheets of ice. This has been the strangest winter. (And to top it off it's 61 degrees in Castle Rock right now.)

My belly keeps getting bigger, and I keep getting more and more uncomfortable, but I guess this is only the beginning (well, technically middle) of my uncomfortability. I can't believe I'm 2 days away from halfway. And I am happy to report that I haven't been nearly as sick lately, which makes life SOOOO much better. I think I've started to feel baby move, but it's such a new feeling I'm always unsure if I actually am. Belly button is still in but likes to pop out a little bit every night. Wedding ring is still on and still no real food cravings. We found out the gender last Thursday so be looking for a post about this in the upcoming future!



I spent 32 hours at Primary Children's this weekend. My little Gabriel is there. Lots of miracles have already happened in the past few days for this sweet, precious, baby boy but any additional prayers for him and his recovery would be appreciated.

17 Weeks

(Today I'm actually 18 weeks, but I took this picture earlier this week...)

Well I have a little bump now. It very recently appeared. It is much bigger at night than in the morning (I think due to lovely bloating). I didn't start wearing maternity clothes until Christmas, mostly because I didn't have any until then, but I really love them, especially the long stretchy shirts. Along with those, skirts and sweats are my go to theses days.

My sleeping habits have been less than desirable lately. I wake up an average of two times a night to go to the bathroom. Some nights I wake up with crazy stomach pains and have to get up and go eat. I have noticed though, that if I sleep straight through mornings (oops!) I can usually skip morning sickness. Luckily for me I'm not working and can safely and happily wake up at 9. Ok that was a joke, it's usually 10 (I'm not sure what I will do when I have additional children...). I only recently lost the ability to sleep on my stomach, which was a very sad day, and I definitely miss that.

I haven't felt any movement yet, at least I don't think I have. I keep waiting though, and am excited for when that starts happening. I haven't had any food cravings still, mostly because food is still a sensitive subject around here, and a lot of things still make me queasy, especially the smell of chicken. That's probably the worst smell in the world.

My belly button is still in, however the other night it started poking out, but was back in by the morning (again the lovely bloating). Also, my wedding ring still fits, except I did take it off in the middle of the night a few weeks ago because it felt tight.

That's about all that's going on in my little pregnant world these days, more updates to follow...


I'm not a fan. I always thought I would like finding and buying a house, but I'm thinking about ditching the whole house idea. I mean who needs a house, anyway? I think Jordan and I, as well as Baby Sorensen, would be just as happy, if not happier in one of these:

Exhibit A, the Charming Tiny Bungalow. What's not to like about 100 square feet on the main floor, with 60 additional feet in the loft? 2 skylights and 11 windows? PLUS, a cathedral ceiling...  Take a look for yourself:

Or Exhibit B, the All Wheel Drive Mobile Truck Home:

Can your house handle rugged terrain and harsh weather conditions? While the Charming Bungalow is much more stylish than the Mobile Truck Home, I do enjoy the Truck's simple, minimalistic design and the fact that we wouldn't have to buy an additional vehicle with towing capabilities, like we would for the Bungalow. Plus, with the truck we would never have to get a hotel on vacations. Win win!

See, do we really need a house anyway?



This handsome husband of mine, got LASIK on Tuesday. It was a very quick and painless procedure, with an even quicker and painless recovery. Jordan is already back at work today. I even got to watch the whole thing behind glass, and on a huge TV as they were doing it (and it only made me a little, ok a lot nauseous). I was a little bit sad to say goodbye to his glasses because I always thought he looked so good in them, but I guess I am also excited for his new vision. Here's to a 20/20 2013!
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