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This handsome husband of mine, got LASIK on Tuesday. It was a very quick and painless procedure, with an even quicker and painless recovery. Jordan is already back at work today. I even got to watch the whole thing behind glass, and on a huge TV as they were doing it (and it only made me a little, ok a lot nauseous). I was a little bit sad to say goodbye to his glasses because I always thought he looked so good in them, but I guess I am also excited for his new vision. Here's to a 20/20 2013!


  1. It is INCREDIBLE what they can do these days! My dad has stories about eye surgeries when he was little that make my eyes water just listening to. :)

  2. Yay for Jordan!
    I would love to get Lasik.

  3. Whoa--I don't think I could have watched that. Having my eyes touched/hurt/tampered with is like my biggest fear of all time, so I imagine I would be the same way watching it happen to someone else.

    That's awesome he could do that, though!

  4. NO WAY! I thought his glasses looked really good on him too. But, I'm so jealous - that is definitely the way to go!


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