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23 Weeks


Our little girl kicks all the time, especially if something is touching my belly, like a seat belt. My belly button is out a lot of the time, but is very squishy, and goes back in occasionally. It's been really hard for me to fall asleep at night. Two nights ago, I laid down at about 10:30, and didn't fall asleep until around 2. I have a hard time getting comfortable (what was I thinking sleeping on my stomach all my life?!).

My wedding ring still fits, and I don't think I'm very swollen anywhere, except I think my face is getting fat. My hair is growing like crazy (prenatal vitamins?). I got it cut to just below my shoulders in about October and it's already to the middle of my back, which would usually take twice as long as it has.

I had a doctor's appointment last week and he told me that I was a "specimen of health." Hopefully things stay this way!

And just for fun...


  1. isn't it so fun to feel them move? has your husband felt it yet? mine still hasn't and I'm 2 weeks further along than you!

  2. Trendy as always- even preggers! I miss you!! She's going to be a beauty!

  3. Lookin good! sorry I can't stay up until 2 to play Ruzzle with you!

  4. It is my fondest wish to be called a "specimen of health" one day :)

    And seriously, I loved my Valentine! Thank you so much for sending it! What a sweet gesture that made my evening.

  5. Love your outfits! Are those maternity shirts/pants or...?

  6. You look amazing!! This is a totally nerdy comment, but how did you do those pictures? I love them! Did you literally just stand in front of a wall and left space for the text?


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