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Austan's Mission Call

When I posted this yesterday, I realized that I still hadn't posted about Austan's mission call!  On January 17th we headed down to Provo so Jordan's youngest brother, Austan, could open his mission call. His call wasn't sent to him at the dorms, it was sent to Sandy, where it sat for A FULL DAY AND A HALF(!) before he decided he wanted to open it. I was so tempted to open it multiple times, but I resisted.

I love the full range of emotions in these pictures. I can tell he was really nervous in that first picture. Then the opening began, the flip, and then pure excitement!

He was called to the Guatemala City South Mission, and reports on May 1 to the Guatemala City MTC. He is the first brother to not go to the Provo MTC, but the second brother to learn Spanish. We're a little bit bummed that he will miss seeing Landan come home by about a month and a half, and that they will have to wait another 2 years before seeing each other again. And I'm also a little sad that he will miss meeting our little baby for 2 years as well but overall we're still so excited for Austan to start this new adventure! Congratulations Austan! 


  1. So fun! I love mission call openings! My little brother gets his this week, and I'm so excited.

  2. How exciting!! and my good friend is in the Tegucigalpa Honduras mission- he's been there since last January.

    Small world!


    Brooke Elyse


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