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Counting Down


40 Days until this....and this my friends would be Hawaii.

Jordan and I haven't been on a REAL vacation since our honeymoon. In my mind a real vacation is where you 1) fly, to 2) somewhere exciting. Our California trip last summer was really fun, but we didn't fly, and I love flying. (Anyone else with me on this? Do you love or hate flying?)

Usually I would be thrilled to start shopping for cute swimming suits, but this time, I'm not quite sure how large my belly will be in 40 days. I don't want to buy a swimming suit prematurely, one that will fit me today and not in April... tricky situation!

This whole trip is kind of funny actually, because we bought the plane tickets the day before we found out I was pregnant! We were very worried for a while that we wouldn't be able to go at all, but the doc said it should be fine, and that I am A.o.k. to go!  I guess it's kind of a baby-moon, except that we're going with my aunt and her family. And that's actually the whole reason why we're going. They were talking about their trip and we asked if we could come along and they agreed! You see, my uncle loves hiking and all things outdoors and sometimes he doesn't have anyone to hike or go on adventures with, because my aunt hates all things that have to do with hiking. So while on this trip, we were going to hike the Na Pali Coast with my uncle. Now though, it will only be Jordan joining him which I'm a little bit bummed about, but I'm SO so excited to relax on the beach instead.

I. Cannot. Wait.
first image by me in maui, and I couldn't find a good source for the second image, except here.


  1. Love that you guys are doing this! A perfect babymoon. Enjoy that beach!

  2. ugh, so jealous! i've never been to hawaii and i want to go so bad.
    and i agree, a real vacation is somewhere you fly to! cause we drive to utah for weekends and i do NOT count that as vacation.

  3. SO FUN! Boise flies to Honolulu on allegient air for a steal so we had flights almost all the way booked for late summer/fall when Ava's a little older and can stay with his mom or something (or even bring her) but we decided we'll be exploring lots of Idaho this summer with fun camping trips, etc and we want to save Hawaii for when we have more kids and really feel the need to "Get away!" haha I can't wait to see pics!

  4. And yes, I LOVE flying. Devin, not so much.

  5. Oh I am so excited for you! I love Hawaii! Perfect time to go!

  6. Hawaii is the best- and so is flying!!



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