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Did I mention...


That's right! Little Baby Sorensen is a girl! I was really hoping that it would be a girl, because there just aren't very many girls in either of our families, and it just seemed like time for another one to arrive. We actually found out the gender the same day Austan opened his mission call, AND it just happened to be Jordan's mom's birthday, so it was quite the day.

We went to the doctor on January 17th and they immediately asked us if we were interested in finding out the gender, we replied that we were very interested and right away they said, "Oh! It's definitely a girl!" I think I immediately started crying, and continued to cry throughout the entire ultrasound. I had a few ultrasounds previous to this but for some reason, knowing that it was our little girl that we were watching wiggle around, made it so much more emotional for me and so much more meaningful. After the ultrasound, they moved us into a regular check-up room for our monthly visit, and I still couldn't stop crying. I wasn't bawling, but I was just so overwhelmed with happiness that I couldn't contain it. The nurse came in and said, "I hope those are happy tears...Are they?" I said yes. I think I probably would have been just as happy to find out that it was a boy, because I was mostly just happy that the baby is healthy. I was so amazed at all of the information they can get from those ultrasounds. They told us that she has a 4 chamber heart, and no cleft lip, all of her limbs are there, they looked at her brain and said that it looked good, and they even told us that her little femur was 1 inch long. SO incredible!

We're still working on a name, I figure we still have a few months until we have to have one nailed down, but we're working on it. I always had a few names I liked in the back of my head, but now that I'm actually naming a child, I mean the name that this person will have for the rest of their life, I feel so stressed about picking the most beautiful name that ever existed, and none seem to match that description yet. For now I have had lots of fun looking at all of the cute girl clothes at Baby Gap (and all of the cute clothes my mom has already bought for her!) and fantasizing about what she will look and be like.

P.S. This was my 500th blog post! WOO!


  1. Can't wait to hear what name you decide for her! That was really stressful for me too but "Ava" came to me a couple nights before we found out it was a girl and it just felt right :)

  2. Awww, a little girl! She'll be so perfect! So excited for you guys :)

  3. Congratulations Corina & Jordan!! What a blessing.


    Brooke Elyse

  4. Yay! I fee like all my pregnant friends are having boys, so I'm especially excited for you!

  5. Congratulations!! I'm already stressed about finding baby names, especially because Sam and I don't agree on anything haha.

    Corina that will be such a blessing to have a little girl. How wonderful. And I'm excited to have you on my sidebar this month :)

  6. hooray!! a girl! and i'm not even pregnant and i'm already stressed about children names haha, for the exact reason you said.

  7. yay!!! congratulations!! so excited for your new adventure :)

  8. That is so wonderful! When you said you were pregnant, I immediately thought it was a girl!

  9. ahhh so exciting! just found your blog. I'm pregnant too with a little girl so i definitely understand your excitement! get ready to gain a huge weakness for little pink tutus and onesies! :) so so exciting!


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