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Valentine's Day


This year I decided to participate in a blogger Valentine's swap that Eryka and Kaitlyn hosted. I was assigned someone to send a package to and also received a cute package in return. It was so fun!

I had Melanie, and sent her a little package (pictured on the left) consisting of nail polish, washi tape, a cute notepad, and some gum. Oh and I put it all in a cute little mailbox.

Eryka had me and sent me a cute dishtowel, a notepad, some bubble bath, stickers, and to top it off, look how it all matched (pictured on the right)! I love it. I'm glad I decided to do this swap. It was really fun picking out a few things I thought Melanie would like. Plus, I love getting mail! Win, win!

Among other blogging Valentine's Festivities, I had fun making cards (pictured on the left) for a few friends. I made a few the traditional crafty way, you know, construction paper and glue, and I also made some with watercolor, which was fun, because I haven't painted in a while.

Jordan and I had a very low key Valentine's Day this year. We exchanged little gifts and went out to eat, at none other than our favorite restaurant, Red Robin. Very, very low key. I just had to include a picture of this cute little present (pictured on the right) Jordan gave me. He drilled holes in three pennies, an '86 penny, a '89 penny, and a 2010 penny, the years we were born and the year we got married! I love it. He also told me to keep my eye out for a 2013 penny to add to the collection, for our little babe.

I also decorated a few sugar cookies, and I think they turned out pretty so I wanted to include a picture of them! Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this Valentine's season. What a fun holiday.


  1. Thanks for signing up and Im so glad you loved it all!


  2. such a cute gift! low-key holidays are the best.


  3. I love Valentine swaps! And what an awesome penny keychain idea. How did he get the holes drilled though? I want to do that too!

  4. What a fun swap! I've never done one of those but I'd love to sometime! And your cookies look festive and very delicious!


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