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Rockies Exhibition Game

A few months ago we found out that the Rockies would be playing here in Utah, at the Bee's Stadium for an Exhibition Game; a little bit of Colorado here in Utah, just for me! Jordan knew I would be excited and through his work we got to purchase tickets pre-sale. The game was today and the weather couldn't have been any better (we both accidentally got little sunburns...). The game was packed and we got to see lots of great home-runs, headed right towards us in the grass. It was such a fun way to spend our Saturday!

Photography Tips

I had to give a little presentation tonight about some Photography basics, and I thought I would share some of my tips with you! These are little things that I think anyone could apply to improve their photography skills, even with a Point-and-Shoot Camera. In fact, I think that the world would be a better place if everyone knew and applied these 6 tips!

First things first, don't cut off heads or feet. If you can, make sure that your whole subject is in the frame. However, if you must cut off a limb, never do it at a joint. Meaning if you have to emit some of your subject's leg, don't cut it off at the ankle or the knee; somewhere in between the ankle and knee will look much more pleasing to the eye and less like that limb has been amputated.

Second, try your very best to avoid camera shake. Having a blurry photo to preserve a memory is just as bad as not having that photo at all. Keep your elbows tight to your body when when taking a picture, this will in essence turn your body into a tripod, adding stability to your camera. Another important part of this tip is that you need to check your pictures after you take them. If you notice that your picture is blurry, retake it!

My third tip is to consider point of view. A unique perspective, like a worm's eye view, or bird's eye view is much more interesting, than looking at a subject straight on.

Next, I think that it is helpful to use simple backgrounds. My photography teacher always said "be pedantic." Remove any extraneous objects from your picture (especially trash or junk). Clean things up. Pay attention to objects in the foreground and background and remove unnecessary distractions.

My next tip is the rule of thirds. To apply this tip you imagine that there are two horizontal lines, as well as two vertical lines in your viewfinder. Place your subject on either one of the lines or even better, the intersection of these lines. Doing this makes your picture more visually appealing.

Lastly, avoid mergers. A merger is something that intersects with your subject unintentionally. Your picture will look so much better without a pole or a tree, or any other unwanted object protruding from your subject, especially your subject's head.

And there you have it! Those are my 6 tips. Don't cut off limbs, avoid camera shake, consider point of view, use simple backgrounds (and be pedantic), use the rule of thirds, and avoid mergers.

I want a house.

WARNING: This post may be a bit whiny, but to compensate, it does have a lot of pretty pictures...

I want a house. I want a house 4 months ago. I want to get all of our stuff out of storage and put it in our house. I want some more space, room to breathe! Room to expand, and room to be just Jordan and I (and soon +1). I want to cook food in my own kitchen, and buy groceries. I want a little house with pretty things and to have a space where I feel creative and can express myself. I want to have neighbors and a garage to park our cars in.

We have looked at over 100 houses, and I feel like we aren't having any luck! We've made 6 offers and we just can't seem to get one. I'm ready! I'm even ready to pay more bills; utilities, water, internet, and a mortgage. I want to have my own house! I'm ready!

Please houses, we only need one of you. Just one little place to call home. Just a place to sleep, and eat, and keep all of our things. Is that too much to ask? PLEASE!

Mostly, I want a house so I can get a little room ready for our baby girl; a room where I can start to feel physically ready for her arrival. I want to hang her clothes in a closet and buy a crib. I want to keep all the things we have bought for her in something other than a cardboard box.

I want a house.

P.S. All pictures can be found here.

27 Weeks


I'm 27 weeks now, and this little baby is about the size of a head of cauliflower, being approximately 16 inches long and weighing about 2.5 pounds (I'm not quite sure how those dimensions translate into a head of cauliflower, but whatever, I'll go with it). She is very very active. Right when I lay down at night she starts her daily exercises, I think she likes kickboxing and jogging. Occasionally she will move nonstop for 15 minutes. It's crazy! It's fun and exciting to feel, but sometimes the kicks are so hard it is shocking.

My belly button is still out. Still no swollen ankles or hands, my wedding ring still fits. I haven't been sick or nauseous in a while which has been really great. I don't think I have any new food aversions, or cravings necessarily, but since veggies tend to give me bad heart-burn, I've really been craving/ trying to eat a lot of fruit. I think I had my first Braxton Hicks (or as Jordan likes to call it Braxton Hicks Higgs Boson) two nights ago. It did not feel good, but only lasted about 30 seconds. Occasionally I feel short of breath, like I can't fully fill my lungs with air, but I guess that's typical.

As far as maternity clothes go, here is what I have: 6 shirts (2 long sleeved, 2 3/4 length, and 2 short sleeved), 2 maxi skirts, 2 maxi dresses, a pair of jeans, a pair of black pants, and a pair of mint capris. All was purchased at either Motherhood Maternity or Old Navy (maternity section) with the exception of the maxi skirts which I had from before I was pregnant. I also have a pair of capri yoga pants that I also got at Motherhood. I can't wear my t-shirts anymore (just for lounging around the house), so I wear Jordan's now. I have a few shirts from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe that I can still wear because they are stretchy and long. The issue these days is length, which is why I really like the shirts from Motherhood (and they usually have pretty good sales and cute colors). I didn't have the short sleeved shirts until last week, but I was getting SO hot in the long sleeved ones that I ran out and bought some. I'll probably have to go buy some more soon, as well as some shorts or some more capris. It's kind of a limited wardrobe (and I often feel like I'm living in that 30 day wardrobe challenge), but it hasn't been too bad, and throwing in a cardigan (not buttoned of course) or scarf here and there has been helping to remedy the situation.

27 weeks puts me in the third trimester, where I'm supposed to start feeling tired again, which hasn't happened quite yet (at least I haven't been tired like I did during my first trimester). But it could also be because I usually get a pretty solid 9+ hours of sleep a night (not including bathroom breaks, which are usually 2 a night), and if I'm feeling worn out in the afternoon I go take a nap.

Well now that this update is quite long, and I've said just about everything, I think I'll go get a snack!

Generous Thought


This print can be purchased here.

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms are one of my favorite things. I love them. They were in full bloom this weekend in St. George, and I couldn't help but snap a few pictures of them. I love how they look up close, but I also love how they look from far away, like purple/pink trees. Just lovely. I hope that some day I can make it to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C.. It is definitely on my bucket list. I'm ready for full on Springtime! And I can't wait for more blossoms and green, but in our part of town this time.

Anyone else out there obsessed with Cherry Blossoms like me?

St. George


This weekend we took a much needed trip down to sunny St. George! I forgot about a little thing called Springtime, oh and also good weather, and this was a great reminder of both. Jordan and I drove down Friday afternoon, with a quick stop in Beaver along the way. The sun was out (and hot) the whole weekend. We enjoyed time by the pool, fun with friends, Pitch Perfect (which I somehow hadn't seen yet!), and some eating out and shopping. Saturday morning the boys went on a 25 mile bike ride, while the girls did a little bit of crafting. We drove home Sunday morning, after a brief visit to the St. George Temple, which I loved. Thanks Jessica for letting us come stay at your condo for the weekend! We had a great time.

And for fun, here is a picture of just the girls: Jessica (with 9 month old Phoebe), Laura (35 weeks pregnant), me (27 weeks), and Elle (17 weeks). I think we might have looked just a little bit ridiculous wherever we went this weekend, but it was still fun!

Drive-Ins: Mel's Drive Inn | Beaver, Utah


On our way to St. George on Friday afternoon, we made a quick stop in Beaver, so we could go to Mel's Drive Inn. We're still trying to go to all 10 of the Drive-Ins from this list. This was our 7th. After a bit of a Drive-In hiatus, this was a good reminder of why we want to go to all of them on the list. We got a burger with everything on it, including bacon, which I'm glad we added, because I think it was the best part of the burger. It added a great crunch. We also got some fries and an Oreo shake, which was definitely my favorite part of this drive-in. There were some sizable Oreo chunks, which I'm sure you would agree, made it delicious.

It was a great little pit stop on our way down to St. George. If you're passing through good old Beaver, Utah, I'd recommend a visit.

Other diners we've visited:
Reed's Drive-In | Nephi, Utah
Milt's Stop & Eat | Moab, UT
Burger Bar | Roy, UT
Uinta Drive In | Kamas, UT
Big Moe's | Price, UT
Dairy Delight | Tooele, UT

3 diners (on the list) to go!
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