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25 Weeks


This little girl is about the size of an eggplant right now, and weighs approximately 2 pounds. My belly button is always out these days. She still kicks a lot and I still enjoy it a lot. I get full super fast when I'm eating. If I eat too much my stomach feel so so full, like it could burst. Also a new development, heartburn/ acid reflux. I have sworn off of broccoli for a while, because I think it is the worst kind of acid reflux possible.

I have been having the strangest dreams. You know, the crazy pregnancy dreams people talk about, I have been having those. Two nights ago I had a dream that included me being pregnant, like I currently am, but also Jordan was pregnant, and with TWINS! and was due one month before me. So by June, our little family would include 3 newborns! Wow. I'm glad that men can't get pregnant, and that by June our family will only include 1 newborn.

Sometimes I'm burning hot, and other times I'm freezing cold. Basically my internal temperature system is really off. People have started looking at my stomach as I walk by them in stores, which was weird the first few times it happened, but now I'm used to it and I guess it means my belly is getting large or large enough to notice. Also, people at church have started saying things like, "Boy, you sure have popped out all of the sudden..." or "I didn't even know you were expecting!"

Not much else to report on! I'm happy and healthy, and I think (and hope) our little girl is too!


  1. I agree with the people at church! I feel like you grew a cute little baby bump this week!

  2. You look so cute! What a compliment that they didn't even know you were expecting :). I love your clothes in all your pregnancy posts. Can we talk maternity/pregnancy clothes please? :)


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