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Brad and Haley


This morning I tagged along with Travis Richardson, and shot the wedding of Brad and Haley. The weather cooperated and the blue sky actually made a few appearances. I had actually never shot a wedding at the Salt Lake Temple so it was great to follow Travis around and learn how he does it. It was a great time! I'm really happy with how these pictures turned out. The last two are my favorite!


  1. These are so beautiful. I love her dress!!

  2. What a beautiful couple. Crazy thing is her parents and mine live on opposite corner of the block :) I was in YW with her. You have a beautiful eye with your photography!

  3. beautiful pictures!! how fun you get to tag along with Travis- i love his photos!


  4. I looks like a beautiful wedding. You did such a wonderful job of photographing it! I am excited to do my first wedding next week, any tips? Oh and I love the blog layout, it is simple and darling, and totally fits your personality! Oh and lastly, thank you so much for the adorable valentines, it totally made my week!

  5. i LOVE the pictures! and i love your new blog layout, it's so simple and eye catching!


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