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Beach Baby Bump | 30 Weeks


Since I didn't really get to do my 29 weeks post, we'll have a little pregnancy update with this post instead. One evening after dinner, we headed to the beach and took some Maternity shots. All of these pictures were taken by Jordan and my Aunt Annett, and I think they did a great job! These were taken at 30 weeks, and I'm so glad I will always be able to remember what my belly was like. It's so weird that it wont be just Jordan and I for very much longer. The last two photos definitely make me feel like some kind of pregnant Hawaiian Princess or something, the sky was soooo pretty, and we just had to take advantage with some silhouette pictures.

The pregnancy has been going well. My feet got really swollen coming back from Hawaii, but they have returned to their normal state. My fingers are getting a little bit swollen, and the only reason why I know is because my wedding ring has been feeling pretty tight. It might be time to take it off soon.

A few random people have told me that I look huge. For example, the woman at the post office yesterday. She said, "Whoa, you look like you could have a baby any day!" To which I replied, " Actually, I have two more months."  She then followed that with, "Oh, well you're going to have a HUGE baby!" Mmhmmm, thanks post office lady.  I don't quite feel huge, but I guess I look huge.

Sleeping has been less than ideal and I'm usually really tired by the time afternoon rolls around. I can't sleep on my belly, sleeping on my sides isn't very comfortable, and I'm not supposed to sleep on my back. Maybe I should try standing?

Other than looking huge and sleep, things are going great. I'm getting more and more excited to meet this little baby!


  1. these photos are GORGEOUS!
    all your hawaii photos are!
    looks like you guys had a BLAST! :)

  2. they are super cute my dear! So bright and colorful!

  3. pretty!! I love the one where you are standing in the rocks looking right at the camera with the sun shinig on you - you're hair is beautiful and you are just glowing!

  4. so pretty! seriously, prettiest pregnant lady ever.

  5. I love these! So gorgeous! You exotic pregnant Hawaiian princess you ;)


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