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Hawaii | Part 2

I have a new-found love of lighthouses these days, so of course we couldn't miss a visit to the Kilauea Lighthouse. I was really happy that we were able to see it because it was closed the week before we got to Hawaii for some updating and repairs. If it would have been closed the week we were there, I would have been so sad. This lighthouse was built in 1913, so it is celebrating its 100th birthday. The lens was built in Paris and weighs 9,000 lbs. There were some guys up cleaning it while we were there. Do you clean a lighthouse lens with Windex? Just wondering. I thought the lighthouse was absolutely beautiful.

One of the main reasons we went to Kauai was because my uncle wanted to hike the Na Pali Coast. So one day while we were there Jordan, my uncle and my cousin, headed out on their 22 mile adventure. They hiked all day, spent one night, and then hiked back out the next day. The Kalalau Beach can only be reached by helicopter, boat, or by hiking 11 miles (each way). It was definitely a once in a lifetime hike, and I'm so glad Jordan was able to go. The other cool thing about the Na Pali Coast and the Kalalau Beach is that lots of movies have been filmed there, including Pirates of the Caribbean and the old King Kong. Jordan's pictures are gorgeous, so I had to include a few!

Another fun hike that we did (much more mild, for this pregnant lady) was down to Queen's Bath. This hike can be kind of dangerous if you go during high tide (note the drowning tally...eek!), but we went really early one morning, and the water was really calm. Lots of people swim in it, but we just opted for a quick glance instead. Queen's Bath is a big lava pool that gets filled by the ocean waves. In one of the pictures you can see a little bit of water going into the bath, Jordan said that the Queen requested some more bubbles in her bath, and the ocean obliged. It was a super pretty hike.

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  1. Devin would have loved to hike that, definitely on our to do list!


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