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33 Weeks


I'm sad that my every-other-week-belly-photo series got a bit messed up the past few weeks. My life has been crazy, probably the craziest ever. I got home from Hawaii and flew to Colorado the next week, only to hurry back to Utah for a few days and on top of that I just got back from Boise on Monday. I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to travel after Hawaii but whatever, you do what you got to do (and I didn't tell my doctor that I was going on either of the last two trips). But let me tell you, I really hope I'm done traveling! It sure takes a toll on my body these days.

Somewhere between my 27 week photo and my 30 week Hawaii photos my belly sure got huge. As of today, according to my What to Expect App (very official, I know), our little girl is as big as a pineapple, weighing somewhere around 4.9 pounds and is anywhere from 19 to 22 inches long. On the app it also compares her to a 5 pound bag of flour, just as heavy and just about as long. It's crazy to think that she is bigger now that my little brother, Dylan, was when he was born!

My belly button is definitely always out. My wedding ring started to get really tight, so it is officially off for the duration of the pregnancy. Even though it hasn't been too crazy hot, I definitely get hotter much easier. I'm sure these next few weeks are going to be real fun in that department, as the temperature does continue to go up.

The most pressing thing lately is that my left hip has been killing me. I can barely walk. Well, I can walk but I basically just hobble along. Tylenol has been my friend, as well as icing it every night. At my doctor's appointment yesterday, he told me that it probably hurts because my ligaments are much looser now than they usually are and that I just need to be careful picking stuff up off the ground. He also informed me that the pain would go away after delivery. Oh good, I thought. 6 more weeks of this pain! I know it's worth it, but I'm just telling you, it really hurts.

Speaking of 6 more weeks...6 MORE WEEKS! I can't even believe how fast the time is flying these days. I still have a lot to do before she can come, but I'm very excited that the weeks are limited.  If she comes on her actual due date, that means we have 44 more days. Yikes! Soooo crazy.

I still have heartburn frequently. Hopefully that wive's tale about babies having more hair if the mom has heartburn is true, because I love it when babies have hair. Sleep is also still pretty difficult, but these days mostly because of my hip. Oh and I still have to run to the bathroom many times in the night.

We're sure getting excited for our little girl!


  1. How cute is that top you are wearing and how exciting you have 6 more weeks!!!! :)


  2. I love the Hawaii one and the graduation one! It's getting close! (well, to me. maybe it doesn't always feel that way to you!)

  3. you look so cute!!!

    and yes, the pain goes away after giving birth! it's amazing! (but then again, you're hopped up on pain meds, so that may help ;) ha!)


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