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I have a pretty huge list of stuff I need to/ want to do before this baby arrives. You know, stuff like, put away all of her clothes, set up her crib...etc. One of the smaller things on that list was to make some bows. Thanks to a few friends, I already had some really cute ones, but I still wanted to actually make some myself. Yesterday, I went to my friend Jessica's house and she taught me how to make a few different kinds. I know that this baby will come whenever she wants to come, but every time I check something off my list, I'm considering myself one step closer to being ready for her. I still want to make lots more bows, but for now I'm considering this crossed off my list! 


  1. Hey Corina! I'm so glad I found my BYU familiar face last night at the party haha. But really your bows are adorable! I'm glad we are now friends and blog buddies! Can't wait to see pics of the cute little girl!

  2. these are super cute! i love that one with the chevron band.


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