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Burley, Idaho


Yesterday we took a quick trip up to Burley. One of Jordan's former roommates, Sam, recently got married and was having a reception there last night. It's about a 3 hour drive, so we hopped in the car with Matt and Lauren at about 2 and headed up to Idaho. We got there just in time for the reception to start.

We had such a fun time catching up with old friends. Devin and Claire drove down from Boise, so it was fun to spend some time with them, especially since Jordan hadn't met cute baby Ava yet. We were also able to see Jamie and Cole. I hadn't seen Jamie in so long! It was so fun to catch up. We will forever have a neat connection with Jamie and Cole, because we were roommates, who married roommates.

In fact, Devin, Jordan, Cole, and Matt all lived together when they were meeting/ dating their future wives. It's fun to think back on that time and remember everything that was going in our lives. Jordan and I were trying to figure out the last time all of us were in the same room. We think it was before I went to Jerusalem, which is crazy!

After the reception we went to Upper Crust for some dinner before we hit the road. I wish we could have stayed a little bit longer, but it sure was a fun little trip!


  1. So fun to see you all! I love that big Idaho sky, it's seriously that beautiful every night :)

  2. So fun! I love meeting up with old friends. There's something about being friends when we were all dating and falling in love that kind of sticks with you, you know?

    PS You're looking so cute! And ready to pop!

  3. LOVED seeing you guys!!! It has definitely been too long. Can't wait to meet that baby girl!


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