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Family Pictures


I took some family pictures for Jared, Jessica, and Phoebe last night and I love how they turned out! Grandma and Grandpa came along too and were a great entertainment crew for Phoebe. They were awesome at getting her to smile! I'm so happy that it's finally summer and that everything is GREEN! I had been wanting to take some orchard family pictures for a while, so I'm glad I was finally able to (minus the fact that it sent almost all of us into full fledged allergy attacks, oops!). Are you in Utah? Want some pictures taken? Email me


  1. She is so cute!! I love it!

    What I'd love is to take pictures with you while you teach me your tricks :) You take such gorgeous pictures, and the lighting is always great. That's what I have the hardest time with. That darn lighting!

    Still can't get over her cute smile. And how natural everyone looks in all your pictures. Not too posed. The end.

  2. Aw she is sooo cute :) Love their color choices for outfits!


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