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We moved this past weekend. Moving while 8 months pregnant, now that's fun! I'm sure I could find one of those memes that says, "I sure love moving! -Said no one ever" but I don't want to search for it right now. (I'll admit that after being at home with no internet or TV, and only boxes to unpack, I got a bit tired/ bored. I'm currently in the McD's parking lot using some free wifi!)

We have been living with Jordan's parents for the past 13 months and are so thankful that they willingly let us invade their space. We were able to pay off a lot of student loans and save a lot of money. It also allowed us to start our housing search. But today I'm sad to report that phase one of our housing search is officially over, and we were unfortunately unsuccessful. After 7 months of searching and 10 rejected offers, we decided it was time to take a little break and find ourselves an apartment, our own place where we could bring our little girl home from the hospital. We found a great little apartment with a 6 month lease, in hopes that we will have a house by October (keeping our fingers and toes crossed, rubbing our lucky rabbit feet, and wishing on every shooting star we see!).

So far we are loving it and are slowly getting unpacked. Our first night at the new place was Saturday night, and I told Jordan that I felt like we were newlyweds again, because we hadn't lived alone for so long. Here's to the next phase in not only our housing search but our life! Yipee!


  1. we are moving in about 3 excited, just not for the packing and actual moving...


  2. We moved like three times in less than two years once, it was absolutely awful. Also, I too lived with my in-laws. It was so nice to save money and always have a full pantry but gosh, nothing beats having your own place! I hope you get your house soon!

  3. not sure what you guys are looking for house-wise but we've recently decided to build in provo. the community is called independence ave and our house will be done in october. would love to hear what you guys are looking for (we looked all over the valley before deciding). message me on FB if you want :)


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