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Taylorsville Dayzz


We had such a good time last year, we decided to go again this year. It was very different with a tiny baby, but we still had a great time! We mostly went for the fireworks. I love fireworks. (I was very paranoid about Reagan's ears the whole time, but we put some little ear plugs in her ears and then I held a blanket around her head, and then held her really close to my body the whole time and she snoozed through the whole thing!)  Before the fireworks, we walked around the carnival for a few minutes. Plus there were some hot air balloons! and we all know I love those.

The photographer inside of me wishes I could just go hang out at a carnival for hours and hours and take thousands of pictures. Maybe someday I'll make that happen.

More photos below (courtesy of Jessica)...



My mom came to town right before Reagan was born. It was so nice having her here! One thing that she did while she was here was help me spruce up our new apartment. She bought me a new rug for our living room, and new pillows for our couch. I LOVE all of the new additions to our house. They really make things feel more like home.

The day before Reagan was born my mom also helped me get everything ready around the house to bring the baby home. She and my aunt helped me do some extra cleaning, and helped me finish packing up my hospital bag.

She was able to be at the hospital with us, and was more than willing to run errands for us if there were any things we needed. She bought us lots and lots of yummy food while she was here, and spent as much time with us as she could. I loved every minute of it! She spent a few nights at our house when Reagan was sleeping on the Bilibed, AND she was willing to come over at 7:30 in the morning (when she wasn't spending the night), because that's when Jordan leaves for work.

I was so sad she had to leave, even though I know I was totally spoiled having her here for 11 days. Good thing she'll be back in a few days for the 4th of July! My mom is the greatest!!

2 Weeks Old


This beauty is 2 weeks old today! She gets more and more incredible everyday. It's still so amazing to me that she is a brand new person. One of my favorite things so far is giving her baths. She already makes the best faces but in the bath she is so calm, and has a really concerned look on her face, like she really likes it, but doesn't want us to know that she likes it. We love this little 2 week old!

The lighting in our house stinks, but our daughter is still cute...


I love all of her little tininess! Her tiny hands and feet, ears, everything! So tiny! Some of our friends came over last night with their 9 week old baby boy. He was huge! He didn't look very much like a newborn baby anymore. It was interesting to compare an almost 2 week old to a 9 week old, and think about what a huge difference those 7 weeks make. Of course I want Reagan to be healthy, but I don't want my little baby to grow up! I want to save her littleness somehow and revisit this time in our lives over and over when I need to remember this happy time. And I just had to include these cute pictures with dad. He sure loves his little baby daughter.

Reagan's First Picnic


It was a beautiful day today so we headed to the park this evening for a little picnic. Once we got there, it was a little bit colder than we thought it would be, so we swaddled up our little daughter, and threw on her lovely hospital hat, that we luckily had in our bag, and she napped the whole time. I think she enjoyed her first picnic.

P.S. The second to last picture is especially funny because Reagan always manages to wiggle her little arms out of her swaddle. She loves having her hands by her face.


We have been stressed about Reagan's bilirubin levels lately. When we went to the doctor's office on Monday, the doctor was worried that baby Reagan's skin was a little bit yellow. So he sent us back to the hospital for some lab work. After the results came back, he had a bilibed delivered to our house. Being the new mom that I am, and worried about just about every single thing, hearing that news sent me straight to tears. Reagan had to spend as much time on the lights as possible, until we could go back to the hospital the next day and have more lab work done. Tuesday, her bilirubin levels had dropped so he told us to keep her off the bed until we could go back Wednesday for even more labs.

Wednesday, we went back and her bilirubin levels had stayed down! So we got to send the bed back. We were all very happy to pack that thing up and send it on it's way! I'm so glad we don't have to worry about that anymore.

In the dark, her blue bed kind of looked like an x-ray machine. It looked crazy when she would wiggle her legs and you could see all of her toes through the top layer of the little jacket she had to wear. By the way, I love her little silhouette in that last picture.

Today was the first day this week we didn't have to go to the hospital for lab work, and it was SO nice to not have to watch my little baby get her heal pricked.

All Belly Photos


Birth Day Pictures


I was looking through some pictures of baby Jordan a few weeks ago and was so excited when I found a picture from his birth. I instantly thought of the above picture from my birth. I knew right then that I wanted to put both of those pictures together and add a picture from the birth of our baby. Lately, Jordan and I have been liking this picture from Reagan's birthday. Mostly, I think we like that her eyes are open, because she sleeps so much these days, anytime her eyes are open we love it! I was a little bit bummed we didn't get a picture of Jordan holding Reagan, showing her to me, but hospitals do things differently now and they just give the baby straight to the mom rather than the dad if they can, which I have to say I am definitely a fan of.

Brand New


Today Reagan had her first real doctor's appointment. While at the appointment I realized that nothing has ever been this important to me in my whole life. I just look at Reagan and can't believe that she's mine. Seriously, how lucky am I? I know I just keep gushing about my beautiful baby, but seriously, this is what I'm supposed to be doing, right? Just look at those toes! She's perfect!

Happy Father's Day


Little Miss Reagan barely made it in time for Father's Day. It's been so fun to watch Jordan be a dad. I LOVE it. He loves holding her, cuddling with her, and giving her kisses. He is a natural. Happy First Father's Day Jordan!
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