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Birth Day Pictures


I was looking through some pictures of baby Jordan a few weeks ago and was so excited when I found a picture from his birth. I instantly thought of the above picture from my birth. I knew right then that I wanted to put both of those pictures together and add a picture from the birth of our baby. Lately, Jordan and I have been liking this picture from Reagan's birthday. Mostly, I think we like that her eyes are open, because she sleeps so much these days, anytime her eyes are open we love it! I was a little bit bummed we didn't get a picture of Jordan holding Reagan, showing her to me, but hospitals do things differently now and they just give the baby straight to the mom rather than the dad if they can, which I have to say I am definitely a fan of.


  1. This is so cute :) You look so much like your mom in that picture of her on your birth day!

  2. I love this idea so much! Congratulations on your new little girl! She's beautiful.


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