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My mom came to town right before Reagan was born. It was so nice having her here! One thing that she did while she was here was help me spruce up our new apartment. She bought me a new rug for our living room, and new pillows for our couch. I LOVE all of the new additions to our house. They really make things feel more like home.

The day before Reagan was born my mom also helped me get everything ready around the house to bring the baby home. She and my aunt helped me do some extra cleaning, and helped me finish packing up my hospital bag.

She was able to be at the hospital with us, and was more than willing to run errands for us if there were any things we needed. She bought us lots and lots of yummy food while she was here, and spent as much time with us as she could. I loved every minute of it! She spent a few nights at our house when Reagan was sleeping on the Bilibed, AND she was willing to come over at 7:30 in the morning (when she wasn't spending the night), because that's when Jordan leaves for work.

I was so sad she had to leave, even though I know I was totally spoiled having her here for 11 days. Good thing she'll be back in a few days for the 4th of July! My mom is the greatest!!

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