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Our sweet, precious daughter is here! She has the very best hair, delicious skin, wonderful and tiny fingers and toes, and the cutest, littlest ears, that lay perfectly against her head. Her fingers are long and lean, and her feet have perfect toes that like to stretch. She loves to be wrapped up really tight, and she even periodically shows us her beautiful eyes. She is incredible.

I'm so happy, I can hardly contain all of my happiness. I am definitely smitten. I think she is 100% perfect, not even one single flaw. The last few days have been such a whirlwind, a really fun, but also tiring whirlwind. We headed to the hospital on Wednesday night around 10pm and came home today at about 11am. We've been trying to get used to having a baby around the house, and trying to help her get used to life on this side of the womb. Today is my actual due date, and I have to admit, a due date spent cuddling your two day old baby is fantastic.

Welcome to the world baby! I love you more than words can describe.

*Photos by Jalene Taylor


  1. congrats! i totally know how you is absolutely insane how happy you feel after having a baby. it seems too good to be true...especially when they are healthy and perfect! so happy for you guys! also, my baby's first name is your baby's middle name :)

  2. i love this! congrats, corina and jordan! she is so adorable. welcome to the world reagan jane!

  3. She is adorable Corina! I love her little cheeks! I hope you enjoy these first few moments with her!

  4. She is beautiful! I am so happy for your new little family! :)

  5. she is so beautiful! i can't wait to meet her.. i want to hold and kiss that little burrito!


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