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A Day in the Life....


Lately I have been fascinated with moms routines, especially moms with new babies (Example #1 and Example #2). I think I thrive on routines, and consistency. And it's been slightly hard recently because Reagan is changing so much and everyday is different for us as far as nap time, happy time, and eating, etc. There are a few things that seem to be the same everyday though and I think it would be fun to document my routines with Reagan as she is growing up.

Here is what life is like with Reagan at 6 weeks old:

Our day usually starts sometime around 7. When dad gets up, (sometimes before, depending on when her last feeding was) she will join me in our bed. Lately, we have been sleeping in until about 9 or 10. I'm still not used to waking up so many times in the night (about 2-3 for about 30 minutes each time) and am way tired in the mornings. I try to get up a little bit before she wakes up and go make my breakfast. I usually eat it in bed next to sleeping Reagan and try to read my scriptures.

I feed her right when she wakes up. Occasionally, she is pleasant when she wakes up, which is really fun, other times though, she is pretty fussy (doesn't like to wake up, just like mom!)

After she is fed, I start to get ready for the day (I say "get ready" very loosely). Reagan hangs out in her bouncy chair while I take a bath.

When I finish, the bouncy chair moves to our bed while I get dressed.

And then to the floor just outside the bathroom (sometimes the bathroom counter) while I do my hair and make-up, if Reagan will let me. How much I get ready is 100% dependent on Reagan's happiness level. Today I got to do my make-up, a total success!

After I'm ready, we get Reagan ready. (Sometimes if she's really fussy, I'll get dressed and skip hair and make-up, try to get Reagan ready, hoping that it will distract her from her fussiness, and then try to finish getting myself ready after... Sometimes I don't ever get to finish though...)

Getting Reagan ready entails, first, changing her diaper and taking her jammies off...

Then sometimes we take some time to enjoy that soft, soft baby skin while there's no clothes covering it...

...and then we get her dressed for the day.

Reagan LOVES windows and lights and always looks out the window while I'm getting her dressed.

After she's dressed and we're both as ready as we can be for the day, sometimes we run errands or head out. This is usually around 11 or 12.

Sometimes she hates getting in the carseat...

...but binkies always solve our problems.

We gather all of our things and shlep ourselves out to the car. (P.S. I'm really bad at carrying that dang carseat. I have bruises all over my legs from banging it against my body. Maybe I need to start doing some weight lifting or something...)

Riding in the car almost always puts her right to sleep, which is great because by this time she is getting pretty tired (and possibly fussy)!

Today we went to have lunch with dad at his office.

Reagan slept the whole time in her carseat.

When we get home in the afternoons, she'll be hungry so we'll feed her again, and then sometimes she'll fall back asleep.

While she's sleeping, sometimes I'll get on the computer...

Or make the bed...

Or fold the laundry...

Then, when she wakes up, she'll be hungry again, so we will feed her again. Sometimes after eating she can't decide if she wants to be awake or asleep....

...usually awake though, because she's been asleep all day basically. So we'll spend some time laying and playing on the floor.

We'll do things like practice our funny faces and poses....

...or our smiles....

...and we'll even do a little bit of tummy time.

Oh and all throughout the day, we are changing LOTS and lots of diapers.

Finally, around 5:30, dad gets home and we are both so so happy to see him. Reagan will spend a little bit of time with dad, before we start making dinner. Jordan is really, really good at entertaining and making Reagan happy.

Then we make dinner. Tonight we're having Baked Ziti and Bruschetta.

Here's what Reagan does while we make dinner.

Then we eat dinner....

...while Reagan hangs out in her swing.

After dinner we usually just hang out around the house, unless we saved some errands to do with dad (because it's 1000 times easier to run errands with dad around).

Sometimes Reagan lounges on dad while he watches TV.

And sometimes she sits in her bouncy chair some more. Oh and she tries to suck on her fist a lot. It keeps her entertained for a little while, until she realizes it's not as good as her binky.

Around 8:00ish, sometimes we take a bath. Not everyday, but every other day or so. The bath makes Reagan super calm. She isn't smily and happy, just very, very calm and quiet.

When we get out, we get our jambos on (I'm pretty sure my family is the only family that uses that word...).

Lately we've been doing TONS of laundry. At least 2 loads a day. Sometimes lots more. Most of them are very small loads, but if she had a blowout or decided to go pee while we were changing her we don't want that stuff hanging around in the laundry basket...

Then we just play and hang out for the rest of the night until we are tired and it's time for bed.

Then we lay her down and hope that she'll stay asleep. She eats about 2-3 times a night, like I mentioned at the beginning, then we wake up in the morning and start it all over again!


  1. so cute! i miss life with a newborn! she's just darling

  2. Love this and I have been thinking about the days I will be having when the twins are here. Oh man!! Lol Schedule will be so important, well it is with all babies! ;)

    I can't believe she's 6 weeks already!

  3. I've always been a fan of "day in the life" posts--isn't it crazy how everyone's days are just so different?

  4. So cute! I wasn't really planning on my post being a day in the life or I could've went into more detail, I love this! I love her laying down after her bath and in her pjs (jambos)-so sweet.

    1. I also agree that having the changing table right by a window is the best!! Ava has never hated diaper changes and I think that helped a lot!


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