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Donut Falls


Dylan and Logan spent the week at EFY. They finished this morning at 7, and flew home tonight, and we got to play in between. We went to Lonestar for lunch and then went on a fun little hike. We put Reagan in the Baby Bjorn, which she absolutely loves. She really loved looking around at the beginning of the hike, but soon realized that hiking is hard work and fell asleep. While Miss Reagan slept, we had a great time! We loved spending time with Dylan and Logan and I think they liked it too (please see the last picture.... they LOVE their niece, and would do just about anything for even just a peak at her cute face). Another great part about this hike was that it started raining right as we got to the car. Perfect timing! None of us got wet. Great day all around.


  1. beautiful photos!
    what a great hike!


  2. Love the one with Jordan and Reagan where she's just sleeping away. How cute!


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