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  1. I love everything about this. The next 3 weeks have suddenly become the busiest time of my summer also I think! And I haven't ever flown with Ava but everyone says to nurse during take off and landing because of the cabin pressure. And, we put Ava in her crib from day 1 of being home from the hospital. Her room is right next to ours so it wasn't that big of a deal to go in there to feed her at night. And what company do you do credit cards with? I'm thinking I should start getting points!

  2. an iMac, so jealous!
    i am in major need of a new computer.


  3. I kept my son in a bassinet in our room until about three months- about the time we would disturb him at night. I moved my daughter out around 6 weeks (would have done it sooner but we were moving and she didn't have her own room yet) but that's because she started sleeping through the night really early and didn't need me. Do it whenever you feel ready and do what helps you both get the most sleep. If you're up a ton feeding the keep her close. The first few nights feel super weird and scary having them in another room but then I really like it.
    We've flown with our kids a lot- she's at a great age since you done have to worry about toys. Tips: if she's awake have her nurse or use a binky at take off/ landing. (Landing is worse on their ears). If she's sleeping don't worry she will be fine. I recommend wearing a wrap (I didn't have to take it off trough security or at all in the air so she stayed cozy and asleep) lets you use your hands to enjoy the beverage service :) we always check our carseat with the luggage and gate check our stroller (but with the wrap, you might not want it at the gate so you could check it earlier). You can bring filled bottles and baby food through security too, just for the future. Good luck!


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