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Progressive Dinner Date


Jordan had a great idea for a datenight yesterday. He wanted to try a progressive dinner date. It was SO fun! I hope that this will be the first of many progressive dinner dates. Before we started, we set a few rules.

-We only wanted to spend $10 or less (and the change we had in the car if we needed it).
-No fast food (meaning no McDonald's or Wendy's, basically no dollar menu)
-All coupons legal and reward points or free meals, but no gift cards
-All three courses (appetizer, main course, and dessert)
-No cooking (unless we wanted like a take-and-bake type of dinner)
-No groceries or food from home

At Pizzeria Limone we got the Crosta, which is SOOO good. All of their food is delicious actually, but I really love the Crosta. It is fresh baked crust, olive oil, garlic, and permigiano reggiano. Mmmmm! Our total at Pizzeria Limone was $2.64.

Jordan and I pretty much always split our food. Rarely do we each get our own meals. We're kind of cheap I guess you could say, but we figure that we would rather spend that money on an appetizer or dessert (or both) than on another meal, and we'd end up with the same amount of food anyway.

The main course was the trickiest part of this progressive dinner, especially with our cost restrictions. But we always find cheap ways to eat at Smash Burger, which is partially why we chose it. Earlier this week Jordan filled out a survey that gave us $5 off our next purchase, plus I had a receipt from our last visit that had a survey that could be filled out as well, for a free side, so I did that on my phone on our way there. Armed with our $5 off and our free side coupons, we headed in.

We got the Avocado Club Chicken Sandwich, which is actually my favorite thing on the menu. And for our free side we got the regular fries which I also love. I love skinny fries. After the coupons, our total was $2.13.

For dessert we went to Hires. We had the hardest time choosing what to get. It was either the banana split or a root beer float, but as you can tell from the pictures, we just got both! It ended up being a TON of ice cream, and we were already pretty full from the appetizer and dinner, but it was still super yummy. We were kind of craving a banana split, but how could we go to Hires and not get some root beer?

Hires was surprisingly the most expensive part of our dinner, but that was mostly due to our indecision, and the fact that the other two places weren't sit down restaurants. At Hires we had to leave a tip. We did however have a $5 off coupon here as well, because we joined their rewards program. Our total at Hires was $3.95 plus a $2 tip.

All together we spent $10.72! I'd say it was a total datenight success, and Reagan slept through almost the whole thing (she woke up for a few minutes at Hires). Part four of our progressive date was at home on the couch watching a movie. What a perfect night!

Thanks for the fun datenight Jord! Love you!


  1. great idea.
    i think $10 would be pretty hard to do in the city, and ryan and i are fat kids and can never share our food haha.


  2. Woah--I am amazed! Well done!


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