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Reagan's Baby Blessing


This past weekend, while my family was in town for the fourth of July, we decided to have Jordan give Reagan her Baby Blessing. She is still very tiny, and we had a little bit of a hard time finding a dress that fit her little body, but I LOVE the one we found. While I was in Jerusalem, on our field trip to Bethlehem, I bought a white baby blanket and I have been saving it for this very occasion. I love the significance of a baby blanket from Bethlehem, because of the important baby that was born there. So she was wrapped in that blanket, wearing her cute little dress.

The blessing Jordan gave her was beautiful and we were so lucky to be surrounded by such loving family and friends. Reagan even had two great-grandma's there! Another special thing about that day that I want to remember is that my dad wore a jacket that belonged to my Grandpa Wally, so it's almost like he was able to participate in the blessing as well.

^^ Four generations, with Grandma Johnson, Martha, Jordan, and Reagan and Grandma Sue, my mom, me and Reagan

^^Great-grandma's and then the uncles (minus Austan, who is in Guatemala)

After church, we headed to a park near our house for a little picnic. We had some delicious food and a great time before my family had to hit the road to head back to Colorado.

Miss Reagan looked so beautiful. It was a wonderful day.


  1. aw so sweet! where did you get that dress? i love it and am looking for a dress for my baby to wear at her blessing!


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