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Two Months Old


A few more pictures to accompany these. My sweet Reagan turned two months old yesterday. Lots has happened in the past month.

The most exciting thing I think, is that she has learned how to smile. And she does it all the time! She even has a little dimple on her right cheek that sometimes likes to appear, along with that smile.

She has so much more personality, which is fun.

She is still a good sleeper. She will wake up at night to eat, and then go right back to sleep. I hope this continues (knock, knock, knock). But getting her to fall asleep can be hard sometimes. At night and for naps.

She is definitely thickening up. Her cheeks are getting chunky, and so are her little thighs. She currently weighs 11.5 pounds.

Her eyes are most definitely blue. I think they are SO pretty.

Baths still really calm her down and can even stop her crying....

...Which has been good to know, because she is definitely in her fussy stage. She doesn't fuss all the time, but occasionally she will let us know, she is way ticked!

Her smile seriously lights up my life. When I start talking to her and she starts smiling and laughing, it makes me so happy.

I love this little [very expressive] girl.


  1. She is so adorable! I love her expressions.

  2. Haha these are so cute!! She is definitely getting some chunk on her!


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