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Chateau De Vie

Last weekend, while we were in Arizona for my cousin's wedding, we got to stay at an amazing house. It was basically a castle. My aunt Pam's friend owns the house, and since it is currently unoccupied, she let us stay there!

I'm seriously not kidding when I say it is a castle. It is 14,000 square feet, complete with 8 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, tennis courts, a lake(!), and connecting stream, a guest house, servant's quarters, a pool, 20+ car garage, billiard room, theater room, 3 trap doors (with secret rooms), a ballroom, ...etc. All of the really neat things a humongous house should have.

It was such a great place to stay. My aunt Shari and her family, my grandma, my parents, and my brothers all stayed there with us. And everyone had plenty of room! In fact if you do the math, each of us had about 1,200 square feet (including Reagan). We stayed in the servant's quarters because it was a little bit more private and separate from the rest of the house (in case Reagan wanted to cry and be awake at night).

I would never want to live in a house this big (I kept forgetting where I took off my shoes, or left my phone...way too many places to check, and I can't even imagine the cleaning! I'm sure if you lived here though, you would pay someone to clean it, but still.) but it was SO much fun to stay here. I wish we could always stay at a place as huge as this on vacation. I loved that we all had our own space, but unlike a hotel, there was plenty of common areas for us to all be together.

I tried to take pictures of all of the fun details, and to really capture the Chateau. I hope my pictures do justice. Sometimes though, pictures can't really capture "HUGE", or "overly ornate" but I sure tried my best!


  1. This is a dream!! So beautiful! It actually
    Has a trap door-so cool :)

  2. Love everything about this. So much history and detail in these places. You captured it well!

  3. Oh my gosh! did you feel like you were in a movie the whole time?? haha. Clue, Downton Abbey, Pride & Prejudice, all in one!


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