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Provo Farmer's Market


My family came to town this weekend, so on Saturday morning we headed down to Provo, to go to the Farmer's Market. I have to admit that I was most excited about getting a Waffle. Think if we still lived in Utah County, I'd be at Waffle Love every. single. day. I love those things! We made a great haul. Most of us had Waffles, some had crepes, Jordan had tacos. We came home with a HUGE box of delicious peaches (I've already had 4 today), green beans, corn, tomatoes, fresh tortillas, and raspberries (which were picked-that-morning-fresh). We had a great time.

And here are just a few other pictures from our weekend that I really wanted to share. Reagan sure is loved.


  1. i love farmers markets! obsessed, actually. there is one at byu that i love but it looks like this one is different. where is this one?

  2. Your pictures are always so gorgeous!! and of course, Reagan is a beauty! The farmers market looks awesome! I so want to go to one before the summer ends!


  3. How cute! She's filling out and I love her smile!

  4. i love farmers markets, we've got some awesome ones up here that ive gone too.
    waffles and kettle corn. umm yum.



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