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Reagan's First Trip to Colorado


This last weekend Reagan and I as well as my Aunt Annett and her friend Ann headed to Colorado. We left on Wednesday afternoon and got to my parent's house around 8 or 9 that night.

On Thursday, we went to lunch at Mad Greens, and then just for fun headed to a restaurant supply store. Have you ever been to one of those? SO COOL! I'm talking 5 gallon buckets of Soy Sauce and cans of Cherry Dip (you from Dairy Queen?). After that, we went to see my Grandma Carol, so she could meet her very first great grandchild. I think it was love at first sight. They smiled and laughed at each other while she held Reagan.

Friday morning we woke up and headed to my mom's favorite thrift store, one of the main reasons why we came to Colorado. We spent four hours there and found some really great stuff. We figured out that combined we spent more than $600 in that store just on Friday! Afterward, we went to lunch at Panera, and then went to Charming Charlie. I had never been there and had only heard good things. I love that store. Glad I finally got to go. That night we went to the new Freddy's in Castle Rock for dinner. My friend Devon happened to be in town while we were visiting, so he joined us for dinner. It was fun to catch up because I hadn't seen him since my wedding.

On Saturday I got to visit with my friend Laura and her two cute daughters, Annie and Tymber. After our fun visit, we headed to the Factory Outlets. Then after another quick stop at Freddy's, we were back on the road. We drove to Glenwood Springs and went swimming at the Hot Springs. Reagan LOVED it. She much prefers hot springs over a regular pool. She even fell asleep! After swimming, we headed to the hotel for the night. We ordered pizza and had a regular old girls sleepover.

The next morning we went to breakfast at Rosi's Little Bavarian Restaurant. This place makes my favorite food in the whole world, almond croissants. I dream about these things. They are that good. We bought twelve. On top of those we had real breakfast. I had the Bacon Benedict, it was also divine, just like the croissants. After breakfast we checked out of the hotel, packed the car (this was hard with the $600 worth of thrift store purchases, and the two Kohl's trips I didn't even mention that Annett and Ann took, PLUS the stuff we bought at the Outlets... needless to say, it was a packed car), and then drove home!

It was an absolutely wonderful trip and Reagan was PERFECT! Barely any fussing during the long car rides and generally very happy during the days even though we weren't on our normal schedules. Couldn't have asked for anything more.


  1. Hello, that is Grandpa showing Reagan how to watch baseball. Very important!

  2. i love that picture of your thrifting. so great.
    and so sweet baby reagans for little trip.



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