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Reagan's First Trip to the Zoo


First of all, I just have to say that I have this problem lately, where when I clearly should be sleeping, I am awake and on the computer, because this is the first time all day, when the house is quiet and I actually have time to blog. It's not too bad, except when Reagan decides that she wants to be awake in the middle of the night, or right after I go to bed. Those nights, I get zero sleep all night. I'm not sure if this is really true, or just me justifying it, but I think it's worth it.

Tonight was Jordan's work Summer Party at the Zoo. Even though Reagan slept through most of it (she slept until 5 minutes before we left), we still had a great time looking around at all of the animals. Coincidentally, my favorite parts were the only parts I actually got pictures of: the giraffes, the elephants, and the polar bear. We had a fun time watching these guys most of the night. The giraffes and the elephants both had babies, which is always fun. And the polar bear was swimming laps and playing against the glass every time he swam around.

I can't wait until we can take Reagan to the Zoo and have her be excited to see all of the animals. Before then though, we will keep enjoying these stress-free outings, with a sleeping baby in the stroller. We love a free trip to the Zoo and are glad that we were able to go!


  1. i love the zoo.
    and i love your pictures.


  2. Yes! I love that polar bear! He was doing the same thing when we went :) Ava just barely had her first zoo experiences too, at Hogle and Boise. So fun!


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